Liontamer on My Take Radio Episode #20

November 21st, 2009

Larry Oji was featured as special guest on My Take Radio, a live webcast hosted by Richard Butler. Listen to him discuss OCReMix and Street Fighter II HD Remix (essentially the same things that he talks about on NGI), as well as mixed martial arts and professional wrestling. Check it out here, and listen for Larry’s call-in at about 33:00.

Nitro Game Injection #124: Swordfish Ride

November 11th, 2009

Hiatus? What hiatus? Kyle & Larry are back to give you a dose of great game music. On this episode, the duo talk weather, surf rock, Captain Lou Albano, and of course, games and game music. Album reviews return to NGI, and the guys take an in-depth look at Metroid Metal’s newest release, Varia Suite. Head on over to Nitro Game Injection to give it a listen!

Nitro Game Injection #123: Mysterious

September 23rd, 2009

To prove that NGI is NOT dead, KyleJCrb and Liontamer have returned with a jam-packed show! This time, the guys confirm the pronunciation of Live A Live while subsequently slaughtering the names of songs, remixers, and composers, as well as coining new terms, dropping the details on PAX ‘09, and laying down the hate on a number of games. Check out this exciting new episode over at Nitro Game Injection.

Nitro Game Injection #122: Time Warp

August 21st, 2009

Kyle and Larry take you back to a time before the Reset Generation contest winners and the Metroid Metal Varia Suite were announced, before Arm Cannon’s new followup album was released, when Summoning of Spirits was in Nintendo Power, and when Dwelling of Duels had 3 entries. They also discuss the Otakon convention, Baconaisse, Game Unicon, and much more. Check it out over at Nitro Game Injection.

Nitro Game Injection #121 - Hot Seat: Andrew “OA” Luers

July 17th, 2009

In an exclusive NGI interview, Andrew “OA” Luers sits down to discuss the upcoming OverClocked ReMix album Final Fantasy IV: Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption, his initial feelings on being a part of the OverClocked ReMix judges panel, his experiences with SnappleMan’s mom, and tons more! Don’t miss FOUR exclusive tracks: Two from the upcoming Final Fantasy IV album, Andrew’s new cut from SaGa Frontier 2, and remake of a remix originally featured on the ‘Radical Dreamers: Thieves of Fate’ album. Check it over at NGI!

Nitro Game Injection #120: Skyrocket Slam

July 4th, 2009

Happy Alien Invasion Day! To help tide you over between the food, booze, and explosives, we have a brand new episode.

KyleJCrb shows that he did not do the research on any discussion points, and unashamedly peddles for money via the NGI Amazon Store while Liontamer dreams of being famous and mounting 22-inch rims to his wall while swimming in dollar bills. They also discuss the many lyrical interpretations of Mega Man, hate on RPGs, pay tribute to the loss of game development’s whipping boy Duke Nukem Forever, and as always, much more! Check it out over at Nitro Game Injection.

Nitro Game Injection #119 - Hot Seat: Another Soundscape

June 18th, 2009

(NOTE: For those not aware, Larry Oji is now co-hosting the Nitro Game Injection podcast. Updates will be cross-posted on the VG Frequency blog as new episodes are released.)


Mattias “Another Soundscape” Häggström Gerdt has finally come to Nitro Game Injection! OverClocked ReMix judge, contributor to Final Fantasy VII Voices of the Lifestream and Street Fighter II HD ReMix, and composer for XBox Live Arcade games Artoon, The Perfect Match, and the upcoming Kaleidoscope joins NGI on this episode for an in-depth interview regarding his works, game music composition, gaming experiences, and more great stuff. Also includes TWO exclusive tracks from the man himself! Check it out over at Nitro Game Injection!

Several video game musicians spotlighted in Wired GeekDad’s “100 Geeks You Should Be Following on Twitter”

May 14th, 2009

Thanks go out to GeekDad (@WiredGeekDad) editor-in-chief Ken Dedmead (@fitzwillie) and our other brother at, Z. (@hipsterplease) for some excellent pimpage of OC ReMix recently. Make sure to follow all of those guys on Twitter to stay on top of geek culture.

Yesterday, Ken assembled a pretty comprehensive list of 100 geeky groups and people to follow on Twitter, and OC ReMix is listed second between Wil Wheaton and Weird Al Yankovic. Other important VGM groups and musicians on the list included Jonathan Coulton of Portal “Still Alive” fame (and much more), Nerdapalooza where John “hex” Carter covers VGM and nerdcore music as well as the regular music nerdcore music festival, genoboost of VGM and VGIM newsblog & netlabel Game Music 4 All, and British chiptunist Pixelh8.

Beyond that, the list is very thorough, and, since it’s not a top 100 list, many Wired/GeekDad readers have supplemented the list with great additional follow suggestions.

For those of you strictly interested in video game musicians, we continue to maintain our VG musicians Twitter list here on VG Frequency for everyone to crib from, as there are so many awesome composers & arrangers in the community that any VGM fan should follow. Thanks again to Ken for a truly awesome honor having many of us from the VGM community included in such an important list!

Let the Winds Blow

April 29th, 2009

I happened to be visiting this site and I remember saying years ago that I’d post something here, but I’ve been too lazy. Well anyway, I just found this short review on my computer that I posted at Gamingforce in 2004. So I decided to edit it and post it here (I also posted it at VGMdb). Read on to find out why you should buy the Phantasy Star Online episode III OST right now.

Read the rest of this entry »

Larry Oji presents: 200+ video game musicians on Twitter

January 19th, 2009

Yesterday, I read Nick Chester’s post on Destructoid about GamerDNA’s Sam Houston maintaining a list of video game industry professionals and journalists using Twitter at Game Industry Tweet.

I love Twitter, and video game music is my passion. Since an important sector of game development was absent from Sam’s list, I’m maintaining a list of video game music professionals and enthusiasts on Twitter. More links will be added, and I’m sure there are folks who are absent from this list or want their info amended. If you need either, follow me & direct message me on Twitter, or email me at

If you’re not on Twitter, it’s a great platform with easy access to fellow enthusiasts, and it also encourages brief, effective communication. Get with the program and sign up.

Last updated: May 30th, 2009 - added chrisjhampton, esti_, gazms, gerdin, jgmusic, jasonchayes, masusu, masu_tom, neilvoss, ryuichisakamoto, whelchelphd, TracyWBush, virtjk, 8bitVGM, halc9bit, HaleaciousB, hatebunny, Nailhead, Nailhead_Gamer, nonsensicalexis, THE_Real_Chako, therks, Willrock07, danbrownpiano, dezolorfien, GenesisTribute, jason_vincion, shotanakama, SOU1, spamtron, thanatos_hn, Wizwars, xocnosaj, appiani, Axtuse, ffdistantworlds, SpiritofGamer, TheSIDStation

Since I put in the elbow grease to create this list, leading off is my bread and butter…

OverClocked ReMix (

OverClocked ReMix ocremix : OverClocked ReMix, composers for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, world’s largest website for VGM arrangements & fandom, hosts over 1,500 free VGM ReMixes

David W. Lloyd djpretzel : David W. Lloyd, aka djpretzel, OC ReMix founder/president/designer/webmaster; co-composer & soundtrack director for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, software engineer

Larry Oji LarryOji : Larry Oji, aka Liontamer, OC ReMix head submissions evaluator, assistant soundtrack director for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Tim Follin: Dirge for the Follin album director, creator of VGM radio show & blog VG Frequency, VGMdb staff

Mattias Häggström anosou : Mattias Häggström Gerdt, aka Another Soundscape, OC ReMix submissions judge, co-composer for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, composer for OK Games’ Artoon and Onion Factory’s The Perfect Match

Jimmy Hinson biggiantcircles : Jimmy Hinson, aka Big Giant Circles, OC ReMix submissions judge, co-composer for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix,

darkesword darkesword : Shariq Ansari, aka DarkeSword, OC ReMix submissions judge, Kirby’s Adventure: Rise of the Star album director

zirconst zirconst : Andrew Aversa, aka zircon, OC ReMix submissions judge, Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream album director, composer for Fittest, co-composer for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, creator of music industry/business blog SoundTempest, former host of OC ReMix podcast VGDJ, fiancé of vocalist & composer Jillian Goldin (pixietricks)

Professional video game musicians:

8 Bit Weapon 8bitweapon : Seth Sternberger, aka 8 Bit Weapon, chiptune musician, composer for Nokia’s Reset Generation

Austin Wintory awintory : Austin Wintory, composer for thatgamecompany’s flOw

Beatdrop Beatdrop : Dain Olsen, aka Beatdrop, former OC ReMix submissions judge, co-composer for Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2, Universe 2 & Universe 3

Bob Baffy bobbaffy : Bob Baffey, audio director at Backbone Entertainment, former audio director at Digital Eclipse, sound designer, composer for multitude of Game Boy Color titles

charles deenen cdeenen : Charles Deenen, composer for Virgin Games’ M.C. Kids, co-composer for Interplay’s The Lost Vikings, senior audio director at Electronic Arts

Chibi-Tech chibitech : Jason Nisperos, aka Chibi-Tech, chiptune musician, composer for Marvelous’s Zero no Tsukaima: Fantasy Force

chris j. hampton chrisjhampton : Chris J. Hampton, aka ast0r, composer for Two Tribes’ Toki Tori

Chris Tilton christilton : Chris Tilton, composer for EA’s Black and Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

christophertin christophertin : Christopher Tin, co-composer for 2K Games’ Civilization IV

clswall clswall : Cindy L. S. Wall, vocalist for Ubisoft’s Myst series, wife of Video Games Live co-creator & conductor Jack Wall

CoLD SToRAGE CoLDSToRAGE : Tim Wright, aka CoLD SToRAGE, former in-house composer at SCEE’s Psygnosis, co-composer for Psygnosis’s Shadow of the Beast series and Sony’s Wipeout series

Colin O'Malley ColinOMalley : Colin O’Malley, co-composer for Eidos’s Tomb Raider: Underworld

David Clynick Dave_Clynick : David Clynick, in-house composer at Microsoft’s Rare, co-composer for Perfect Dark Zero

David_Wise : David Wise, career-long in-house composer at Microsoft’s Rare, composer for Wizards & Warriors series, Battletoads, Donkey Kong Country series, co-composer for Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise

Rich Vreeland Disasterpeace : Rich Vreeland, aka Disasterpeace, lead composer for 16×16’s Rescue: The Beagles

Gene M. Rozenberg doistovich : Gene M. Rozenberg, aka Ampersand/Doistovich, composer for EA’s Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure

Eminence Online EminenceOnline : Eminence Symphony Orchestra, founded by Hiroaki Yura, Echoes of War album creators, performers for Blizzard’s Diablo III, Vanillaware’s Odin Sphere, Sega’s Valkyria Chronicles and Namco Bandai’s Soulcalibur IV

ESTi esti_ : Jin-Bae Park, aka ESTi, composer for Nexon’s TalesWeaver and NTREEV Soft’s Pangya: Fantasy Golf

gazz gazms : Robert Stjärnström, aka Gaz, vocalist and former guitarist for band Machinae Supremacy, co-composer for Rake in Grass’s Jets’n'Guns

Gordon gerdin : Andreas Gerdin, aka Gordon, rhythm guitarist for band Machinae Supremacy, co-composer for Rake in Grass’s Jets’n'Guns

G GKMarino : Gerard K. Marino, co-composer for Sony’s God of War series

Godspeed Godspeed_ViViX : Masahiro Aoki, aka Godspeed, co-composer for The Law of Contradiction

Grant Kirkhope grantkirkhope : Grant Kirkhope, audio director at THQ’s Big Huge Games, former in-house composer at Microsoft’s Rare, co-composer for Rare’s GoldenEye 007, Donkey Kong 64, Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie series & Viva Piñata series

Stephen Harwood Jr harwood9 : Stephen Harwood, Jr., composer for Ubisoft’s Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30

Hiroyuki Iwatsuki iwadon : Hiroyuki Iwatsuki, composer for Natsume/Hudson Soft’s Omega Five (see also: iwadon_ldrlog)

jgmusic : Jason Graves, composer for EA’s Dead Space

Jason Hayes jasonchayes : Jason Hayes, co-composer for Blizzard’s StarCraft, Warcraft III and World of Warcraft

Jonathan Coulton jonathancoulton : Jonathan Coulton, composer of “Still Alive” for Valve’s Portal, nerdcore singer-songwriter

JoshuaMorse : Joshua Morse, composer for GameOn’s Anna’s Ice Cream, creator of album Ragnarok Online: Hybridism

kevinrieplmusic kevinrieplmusic : Kevin Riepl, composer for Microsoft’s Gears of War (see also: Kevin Riepl DamageVault_K)

madfiddler : Mark Knight, aka madfiddler, composer for EA’s Warhammer: Dark Omen, Bullfrog’s Populous: The Beginning and Dungeon Keeper 2, Lead Audio Designer at Codemasters Software, member of band Stuck in D’80s

S.Malcolm-Howell Malcos : Stephen Malcolm-Howell, aka Malcos, co-composer & assistant soundtrack director for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, former OC ReMix submissions judge

Mark Griskey mark_griskey : Mark Griskey, composer for LucasArts’ Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Masashi Yano masusu : Masashi Yano, composer for Bullet Witch and Suiheisen Made Nan Mile?, co-composer for Cave’s Puzzle! Mushihimetama

Tomas Nilsén masu_tom : Tomas Nilsén, drummer for band Machinae Supremacy, co-composer for Rake in Grass’s Jets’n'Guns

Michael Vafeas McVaffe : Michael Vafeas, aka McVaffe, OC ReMixer, co-composer for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

M_Minoshima M_Minoshima : Masayoshi Minoshima, co-composer for Makura’s H2O: Footprints in the Sand, founder and owner of Alstroemeria Records

Mustin Mustin : Mustin, OC ReMixer, composer for Telegames’ Ultimate Arcade Games: Treasure Hunters, leader of band The OneUps, creator of record label OneUp Studios

Takayuki Nakamura nakataka : Takayuki Nakamura, co-composer for Sega’s Virtua Fighter series and Q Entertainment’s Lumines series

Neal Acree neal_acree : Neal Acree, co-composer for Blizzard’s Warcraft: The Burning Crusade and World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

Neil Voss neilvoss : Neil Voss, composer of H2O Entertainment’s Tetrisphere

neostormx: Anthony Marin, aka Neostorm, OC ReMixer, co-composer for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

nrvststpilot nrvststpilot : Paul Taylor, aka nervous_testpilot, composer for Mode 7 Games’ Determinance, freelance music journalist

orchetect : Steffan Andrews, OC ReMixer, co-composer for EA’s FaceBreaker and PowerUp Studios’ Night of a Million Billion Zombies

? REDALiCE : Akai Hito, aka REDALiCE, composer for Dokodemo Sukishite Itsudemo Sukishite, veteran VGM arranger

RichardJacques Richard_Jacques : Richard Jacques, composer for Sega’s Sonic 3D Blast, co-composer for Sega’s Jet Set Radio series, BioWare’s Mass Effect and Sega’s Sonic and the Black Knight

Ryan Arndt RyanAComposer : Ryan Arndt, Lead Sound Designer/Composer/Studio Marketing & Development at Somatone Interactive Canada

ryuichi sakamoto ryuichisakamoto : Ryuichi Sakamoto, co-composer of Square Enix’s Dawn of Mana

Sean Beeson SeanBeeson : Sean Beeson, composer for Silver Sphere Studios’ Eternity’s Child

ShaelRiley ShaelRiley : Shael Riley, OC ReMixer, co-composer & soundtrack director for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, member of nerdcore band The Grammar Club, cast member of ScrewAttack’s The New Adventures of Captain S, brother of Devon Riley

Vincent Diamante sklathill : Vincent Diamante, composer for USC Interactive Media’s Cloud and Konami Mobile’s Castlevania: Order of Shadows, Interactive Media Division adjunct professor at University of Southern California

Josh Whelchel Music soundofjw : Josh Whelchel, aka TwiTerror, composer for Natomic Studios’ The Spirit Engine series (see also: Josh Whelchel whelchelphd)

TheMightyFatMan TheMightyFatMan : George Sanger, aka The Fat Man, OC ReMixer, legendary professional VGM composer, leader of Team Fat, creator of game music summit Project Bar-B-Q (see also: FatManAndCircuitGirl fmandcg)

Robin Beanland TheRealBeano : Robin Beanland, audio director at Microsoft’s Rare, co-composer for Rare’s Donkey Kong Country, Killer Instinct series, Conker series and Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Sascha Dikiciyan toksin : Sascha Dikiciyan, aka toksin, co-composer for Ubisoft’s TMNT, co-composer for Flagship Studios’ Hellgate: London, musical collaborator of Cris Velasco

TommyTallarico TommyTallarico : Tommy Tallarico, Guinness world record holder of work on the most video games, co-creator & host of Video Games Live concert series, founder of Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G.)

Tom Salta TomSalta : Tom Salta, composer for Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s: Ghost Recon Advanced Warfigher 1 & 2

TracyWBush TracyWBush : Tracy W. Bush, co-composer for Blizzard’s Warcraft III and World of Warcraft

Jake Kaufman virtjk : Jake Kaufman, aka virt, composer for Capcom’s Shantae, Neon Studios’ Legend of Kay and Konami’s Contra 4, founder of band The Smash Brothers, husband of Kristi Kaufman

wall_snd wall_snd : Jack Wall, co-creator and conductor of Video Games Live concert series, composer for Ubisoft’s Myst series, BioWare’s Jade Empire and BioWare’s Mass Effect, husband of vocalist Cindy L. S. Wall

zhaytee zhaytee : Joseph Toscano, aka ZhayTee, OC ReMixer, composer for Sunspire Studios’ Tux Racer

More OC ReMixers (

8 Bit Instrumental 8bitVGM : 8 Bit Instrumental

Adrian Holovaty adrianholovaty : Adrian Holovaty, creator of Super Mario Bros. 2 ‘Gypsy Jazz’, creator of open-source web application framework Django

AkumajoBelmont AkumajoBelmont : Rabbie Sabo, aka AkumajoBelmont

Greg Michalec audixmusic : Greg Michalec, aka Audix, composed starting lineup themes for Valparaiso University and University of Virginia basketball teams

Langel Bookbinder b_knox : Langel Bookbinder, member of band aneurySm, member of band Warmth

blizihizake : Blake Perdue

Susie Sahim bogusred : Susie Sahim, aka BogusRed, has drawn cavemen for Google

BrandonBush : Brandon Bush, aka Harmony, former OC ReMix submissions judge

Richard Whitelock brfuk : Richard Whitelock, aka richBRF, co-creator of Super Mario Bros. ‘Dirty Mix’, photographer

Kassi Kennedy brightflashes : Kassi Kennedy, aka Kassi/Kassie!, wife of The OneUps‘ violinist Greg Kennedy

Joseph Liao choweee : Joseph Liao, aka Fatty Acid

Cool Core Audio CoolCoreAudio : Cool Core Audio, Swedish game audio by OC ReMixer Fredrik Häthén and Calle

cotmm68030 cotmm68030 : Matthew Newman, aka Children of the Monkey Machine, former OC ReMix submissions judge, photographer

cyborgjeff cyborgjeff : Pierre Martin, aka Cyborg Jeff

DaleNorth DaleNorth : Dale North, former member of The OneUps, News Editor at Destructoid, Editor-in-Chief at Japanator, Editor-in-Chief at VGM news blog Original Sound Version

DiggiDis : Frank van ‘t Ende, aka Diggi Dis

DJComet DJComet : Alex Morrow, aka DJComet

Patrick Jacks drjaxx : Patrick Jacks, aka JAXX

Doug Perry DrumUltimA : Doug Perry, aka DrumUltimA, Percussion major at Johns Hopkins Peabody Institute, son of Principal Violist of the Hartford Symphony Orchestra Sharon Dennison (MomUltimA)

matt pollard fatpollard : Matt Pollard, aka mp

Kattywampus Feanyx : K. Dani Davis, aka Cuddly Battleship Kattywampus

ffmusicdj ffmusicdj : Haroon Piracha, aka FFmusic Dj, sound designer at High Impact Games including Secret Agent Clank and Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, former QA

Sebastian Freij Freijman : Sebastian Freij, aka AeroZ

tfisico frizico : Aurora, television meteorologist

Gamer Orchestra GamerSymphony : Gamer Symphony Orchestra, University of Maryland student performers

Andrew Wheeler halc9bit : Andrew Wheeler, aka halc

HaleaciousB : David Ryan Clark, aka Hale-Bopp

Craig hardgrove : Craig Hardgrove, aka tycho, Marathon enthusiast, geophysical research student

Rab Townsend hatebunny : Rab Townsend, aka Aetherius

Hornpipe2: Greg Kennedy, aka Hornpipe2, violinist of band The OneUps

Tyler Carson HyBound : Tyler Carson, aka Hy Bound

ikadmium : Jesse Higginson, aka Kadmium

Jason_K Jason_K : Jason Koohi, aka Strike911

Joe Cammisa joecamnet : Joe Cammisa, aka Joe Cam, EarthBound: Bound Together album director

Andrew Kumeelyun : Andrew Babb, aka Zelig

Dustin Kulwicki kwix29 : Dustin Kulwick, aka k-wix, Cave Story Remix Project album director

Jesse Gregory mainfinger : Jesse Gregory, aka Main Finger

GaMeBoX markedone : Steve Olofsson, aka GaMeBoX

Mike Sacco mikesacco : Mike Sacco, aka Shonen Samurai, Game Master for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft

reynald moonove : Reynald Deliens, aka moonove

Eric Fullerton Nailhead : Eric Fullerton, aka Faze (see also: Eric Fullerton Nailhead_Gamer)

Nicole Adams nicole_adams : Nicole Adams

Wire McQuaid nintendometal : Elisabeth Pezouvanis aka Wire, lead guitarist of band Game Over

nonsensicalexis nonsensicalexis : Alexis Kitchen, aka nonsensicalexis

Mike Klinkhamer nykad : Mike Klinkhamer, aka nyKad

Phil Strahl philstrahl : Philipp Strahl, aka texx sound

Jonas platonist : Jonas Loman, aka Platonist, creator of netlabel Reuniverse

Ransom Rath RansomRath : Ransom Rath, member of band PlanetSkill

roggah : Roger Matthews, aka Roggah

RyoLion RyoLion : Ryo Takahashi, aka Ryo Lion

Scholar & Physic schlr_physcn : Oli Horton & Steve Dawson, aka A Scholar & A Physician

SketchHurricane SketchHurricane : Paul Ford, aka metaphist

sgtrama : Doug Arley, aka SgtRama, creator of VGM news portal ThaSauce, immortalized in EGM (R.I.P.) #156 for his Kirby Super Star OC ReMix ‘Green Greens (Contagious Eye Infection)’

Danny SGXProtagonist sgxmusic : Danny Adler, aka SGX, creator of electronic music label Protagonist Records

DCT SonicSkillz : Duane Thorpe, aka DCT, creator of hip-hop/R&B netlabel Urbanizm Music

starla injury starlainjury : Starla, aka injury

subtonic12 subtonic12 : Dan Studnicky

Ty Guenley suzums : Ty Guenley, aka Suzumebachi

Tansunn Kitsuki Tansunn : Tansunn

Benedikt Terhechte terhechte : Benedikt Terhechte, aka Zeratul

Martin Binfield thabisnit : Martin Binfield, aka Binster, artist & animator at SCEE, co-lead animator for Sony’s Heavenly Sword

thegirlnextdork thegirlnextdork : Candy Bullard, aka Juverna

Marc Junker the_junk : Marc Junker

themegas themegas : Mega Man tribute band The Megas (Eric von Doymi [MEGAEric], Greg Schneider [megasgreg megasgreg], Josh Breeding [Josh Breeding breeding], Mike Levinson [Mike Levinson MegasMike])

Mr. Fulton THE_Real_Chako : Trevor Fulton, aka DjChako

TheoryOfN : Dustin Lagaly, aka Theory of Nonexistence

Rob Saunders therks : Rob Saunders

Bradley Burr thesaxprophet : Bradley Burr, aka the prophet of mephisto, Radical Dreamers: Thieves of Fate album director

John Burnett TheWingless : John Burnett, aka The Wingless, former OC ReMix submissions judge, user interface artist at EA’s Pandemic Studios, former user interface artist at Midway

Tim Sheehy TimSheehy : Tim Sheehy, aka Kaijin, Contributing Writer at VGM news blog Original Sound Version, former customer service rep at Blizzard

tumult tumult : tumult, member of band PlanetSkill

Brian D. (Ubik) Ubik2501 : Brian Davis, aka Ubik, dressed as Karnov for MAGFest 7, spits hot fire

vergo890 vergo890 : Philip Schwan, aka Tepid

wdelgenio : William Del Genio, aka munky

William Harby Willrock07 : William Harby, aka Willrock

Yellow Archer YellowArcher : Kevin Stephens

Young Hahn younghahn : Youngjin Hahn, aka Ziwtra

zyk0 : Waleed Hawatky, aka zyko, former OC ReMix submissions judge

More video game musicians:

Atsushi Ohara Atsushio : Atsushi Ohara, arranger

Beefy beefyness : Keith Moore, aka Beefy, member of nerdcore band The Grammar Club

binary1230 binary1230 : Dominic Cerquetti, aka binary1230, Programmer at Firaxis Games, creator of JamSpace music performance area for MAGFest, member of band Rare Candy, road member of band Temp Sound Solutions

Glen McNamee c64glen : Glen McNamee, aka c64glen, Commodore music arranger & enthusiast

brian cacomistle : Brian Vanek, aka cacomistle, chiptune musician

ComputeHer computeher : Michelle Mitchell, aka ComputeHer, chiptune musician, wife & musical collaborator of Seth Sternberger (8 Bit Weapon)

Dan Brown danbrownpiano : Dan Brown, aka Kareshi

Devon Riley DevonRiley : Devon Riley, cast member of ScrewAttack’s The New Adventures of Captain S, brother of Shael Riley

dezo dezolorfien : Johan Hedlund, aka Dezo, bassist for band Machinae Supremacy

Paul Hadrill dj_skitz : Paul Hadrill, aka Dj Skitz, Commodore music arranger & enthusiast

doctoroctoroc doctoroctoroc : Levi Buffum, aka Doctor Octoroc, creator of 8-Bit Jesus VGM-inspired Christmas chiptune album

Brian Davis GenesisTribute : Brian Davis, arranger

glenncase glenncase : Glenn Case, co-composer for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, former member of nerdcore band The Grammar Club

Grant Henry GrantHenry : Grant Henry, aka Stemage, creator of Metroid Metal

Christopher Bailey Infamousuk : Christopher Bailey, aka Infamous, Commodore music arranger

Jason Vincion jason_vincion : Jason Vincion, arranger

KirbyPufocia KirbyPufocia : Mike Molnar, aka Kirby Pufocia, road member of band Metroid Metal

Kyle Crouse KyleJCrb : Kyle Crouse, aka KyleJCrb, Tales: Summoning of Spirits album director, creator of VGM radio show Nitro Game Injection

Henrik Lidbjörk lidbjork : Henrik Lidbjörk, aka Lie Mutherpluckin’ B, creator of Sex, Drugs N’ Nintendo & Nintendosploitation albums

Rubens Stulzer megadriver_bass : Rubens Stulzer, bassist for band MegaDriver

MegaRan : Raheem Jarbo, aka Random/Mega Ran, underground rapper, creator of Mega Ran, American Gamer and Mega Ran 9 albums

Kristi MissTrueStar : Kristi Kaufman, kickass knitter, wife of VGMix founder & Konami’s Contra 4 composer Jake Kaufman (virt)

pongball pongball : Shannon Clark, aka Pongball, chiptune & MIDI musician, former VGMusic staff, wife of David Clark (Hale-Bopp)

Jon H. q_pa : Jon Heiman, aka q-pa, VGM club DJ

raublekick raublekick : Andrew Rauble, aka Rauble, guitarist for band Armadillo Tank

Matt Hackett richtaur : Matt Hackett, aka Richter, Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Hedgehog Heaven album director, Senior Frontend Engineer at gaming social platform Raptr

Ryo Ohnuki RyoOhnuki : Ryo Ohnuki, arranger

shawnphase shawnphase : Craig Jakubowski, aka Shawn Phase, creator of band Temp Sound Solutions, former drummer of band The Smash Brothers

shota nakama shotanakama : Shota Nakama, director of Video Game Orchestra

Skyriser a.k.a. Lix skyriser : Lix/Skyriser, arranger

SOU1 SOU1 : SOU1, arranger

spamtron spamtron : Guerin McMurray, aka Spamtron, chiptune musician and arranger

sumppi sumppi : Juha Kaunisto, aka sumppi, Commodore music arranger, web developer

HN a.k.a Thanatos thanatos_hn : Thanatos, arranger

WaveTheory WaveTheory : Wave Theory, electronic/hip-hop band led by Alex Esquivel (AE)

Kevin Hagge Wizwars : Kevin Hagge, aka Wizwars

Jason Cox xocnosaj : Jason Cox, aka Xoc, multi-talented arranger, creator of album SMW

Yamajet Yamajet : Yamajet, arranger

Zen Albatross ZenAlbatross : Joshua Kopstein, aka ZenAlbatross, chiptune musician

Video game music events/news/PR/radio/education:

Aktrez Aktrez : Becky Young, aka Aktrez, Events Director for Video Games Live concert series, host on VGM webstream Game Music Radio, creator of the Girls Entertainment Network

appiani : Thomas Boecker, executive producer of Merregnon Studios, producer of concert series Game Music Concert, Drammatica, Symphonic Shades

arcubalis arcubalis : Jayson Napolitano, Managing Editor at VGM news blog Original Sound Version

Axtuse Axtuse : Brett Wooley, aka Axtuse, host of Meteor Radio at KBYO 92.7 FM (Monroe, LA)

The C64 Take-away C64Takeaway : The C64 Take-away, created by Remix.Kwed.Org founder Jan Lund Thomsen (Kwed)

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dekubar dekubar : dekubar, creator of VGM news blog dekunology

ffdistantworlds ffdistantworlds : Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds, international concert series featuring the music of Nobuo Uematsu conducted by Arnie Roth

Patrick Gann Gameodactyl : Patrick Gann, Associate Editor at VGM news blog Original Sound Version

genoboost genoboost : Anthony Ruybalid, aka Genoboost, creator of VGM and VG-inspired music news blog & netlabel Game Music 4 All

hex hexWarrior : John Carter, aka Hex, creator of nerdcore music news blog & concert series Nerdapalooza

Z. hipsterplease : Z., man of mystery, contributor at’s GeekDad, creator of nerdcore news blog Hipster, please!

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yaku yaku : Yaku, Administrator of VGM news blog Noctilucence

Capcom & OverClocked ReMix Make Video Game Soundtrack History

November 27th, 2008
Capcom & OverClocked ReMix Make Video Game Soundtrack History

By: David W. Lloyd,

November 27, 2008

Fairfax, VA — OverClocked ReMix today released for free download its official soundtrack to Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game consoles. While video game companies have worked with fans in the past, HD Remix is the first major video game with a completely fan-made soundtrack. More than twenty gamers from around the world contributed remixes of the original Street Fighter games’ music for inclusion in the updated game, in styles including jazz, hip-hop, reggaeton, spaghetti western, garage rock, big beat and electronica.

The official soundtrack is available for download free of charge at

Over 2 million visitors a year download OverClocked ReMix’s free, fan-made arrangements of music from both classic and modern video games, but HD Remix marks the community’s first contribution to an official commercial title. Both the game and its soundtrack have received critical acclaim, with IGN’s Ryan Clements describing the music as “a great tribute to the original soundtrack” and Tyler Nagata of GamesRadar writing that “Unlike so many remakes of classic fighters, Turbo HD has soul… You can hear it in the new remixed soundtrack, developed with the help of fans from OverClocked ReMix.”

OverClocked ReMix was approached by Capcom in June of 2007 to provide HD Remix’s score after the company discovered the OC ReMix Street Fighter II remix album, Blood on the Asphalt. Rey Jimenez, Associate Producer for Capcom, worked directly with the fan community to communicate requirements and feedback.”Working with the OC ReMix crew has been one of the most rewarding aspects of working on SF HD Remix, truly making the game a community effort. These guys are part of the meat and potatoes of what makes the Street Fighter fanbase such a lasting part of the gaming industry,” said Jimenez. “They worked above and beyond our expectations and I’m hoping that we’ll be able to work together in the future.”

About OverClocked ReMix

Founded in 1999, OverClocked ReMix is an organization dedicated to the appreciation, preservation, and interpretation of video game music. Its primary focus is, a website featuring hundreds of free fan arrangements, information on game music and composers, resources for aspiring artists, and a thriving community of video game music fans.


OC ReMix: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Official Soundtrack -

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Official Homepage -

IGN Review -

GamesRadar Review -


Jillian Goldin: NEW holiday album… preorders!

November 7th, 2008


Jillian Goldin - Notes #13 - November 7th, 2008

Hi, friends!

It seems like an eternity since I sent out my last newsletter in September.  What have I been up to?  Well, I mentioned last time that I would be coming out with a Christmas album this season.  Like a mad scientist, I disappeared into the laboratory to work on my masterful new creation!  It’s true.  I locked myself away from the world - shunning food and almost all forms of human contact (with the obvious exception of our one-and-only zircon) - in order to bring you….

Through Sand and Snow - Christmas album preorders!

The holiday season is filled with a special kind of magic: trees glisten with
freshly fallen snow, families are reunited for the traditions of gift-giving and
mealtime stories, and age-old carols imbue the air.  But how often do we have
the chance to steep our thoughts in solitude?

Through Sand and Snow brings the listener on a nighttime journey through the
aura of mystery and awe that Christmas so quietly inspires in our hearts.  A
vast nature surrounds us in these colder months, longing to be explored…
Sometimes, it is only after we have that our own homes feel even warmer.

Release Date: November 25th, 2008
Preorders Available: TODAY, at!
Price: $9.99
Songs Included:

  • Prelude
  • I Wonder As I Wander
  • What Child Is This? (a.k.a. Greensleeves)
  • God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
  • Walking In the Air  (from the classic animated film “The Snowman”)
  • Silent Night

…Woo hoo!  So what are you waiting for?  Go hear the previews on my music page, and ensure that you are among the first to receive the new album!  :D

Now for some more good news: in anticipation of the holiday season, I have set up  all sorts of discounts and specials offers for both CD releases.  With every copy of Through Sand and Snow that you preorder, you’ll also receive a complimentary gift card featuring the winter song “Walking In the Air.”  You can pass it on to a loved one… or even send it out with your holiday cards this year, for that extra special touch.  It’s a beautiful winter song (non-demoninational), so anyone can enjoy it!

This gift card offer also applies if you preorder Through Sand and Snow with a      copy of Origins, in the 2-CD Combo Pack deal.  :>

And finally, both CDs are now set up to offer discounts in bulk - so you will    automatically get 2-4 dollars off each additional CD that you buy!

I know how hectic the holiday season can be, and that is largely why I was inspired to start this project in the first place.  For Andrew and I, it has been a whirlwind of music-making, track-mixing, and hair-splitting… But the result?  A breath of fresh (albeit cold) air.  :>

Enjoy the preeeeviews,


GAME MUSIC SURVEY: Help OC ReMix & the University of Wisconsin-Madison!

October 17th, 2008

Hey guys,

If you enjoy game music enough to take a quick survey (, your answers will help University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate student Chris Russell for his ethnographical study of OC ReMix and game music fans like you!

The survey is brief, asking about your favorite game music, composers, thoughts on being a musician (if you are one), as well as where you fit into the OC ReMix community. If you’re not a musician, just fill in “N/A” (not applicable) for any questions you don’t need to answer. If you’re a lurker or long-time holdout, it’s OK; share your answers on game music, and swing by again! 1,600 ReMixes strong, and we’re still free.

If your responses are good, your answers may be quoted in Chris’s ethnographical study of OC ReMix, both in his paper as well as his presentation at next month’s Art of Record Production conference!

Now Chris is going to hijack my message to tell you a little bit more. Have fun answering the survey, and thanks as always for listening to our community’s music and supporting OC ReMix!

Larry “Liontamer” Oji
Assistant Soundtrack Director, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
Head Submissions Evaluator, OverClocked ReMix -
Creator, VG Frequency -
Staff, VGMdb -


Hi everyone -

My name is Chris Russell, a graduate student in Music Theory at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. In about a month, I will be presenting a paper about OC ReMix at the Art of Record Production Conference, a joint academic/industry conference in Lowell, Massachusetts. I’m hoping to ask you all, the OC ReMix community, to help me represent you at this conference by taking a brief survey.

The survey should take no longer than 20-30 minutes, and is intended for all members of the community - whether you’ve got a ReMix up on the site or not. Please take a moment to assist me in this endeavor.

The survey is available at:

Thanks in advance for your time.

Chris Russell
Master’s Candidate in Music Theory
Department of Music
University of Wisconsin - Madison

WoW machinima featuring several OC ReMixes looks to win at

July 29th, 2008

Baron Soosdon and Pinkhair have created a World of Warcraft machinima from a script entitled “Busted” for the “Synergy” contest at The challenge was to make the best machinima from either one of two pre-existing manuscripts. The movie, one of six entries and one of three tackling the “Busted” script is available in a pretty impressive 720p, so feel free to check it out. - Synergy banner

I don’t know the first thing about World of Warcraft, but the movie features the excellent integration of several OC ReMixes and OCR album tracks, including Voices of the Lifestream and Chrono Symphonic from Pot Hocket, Sephfire, tefnek and Xaleph. Baron’s looking for support for the contest on his personal blog. There’s $300 in scrilla on the line, and the field is full of solid entries, so feel free to swing by and give Baron Soosdon and Pinkhair your support (since they clearly chose the best music, am I right)!

“See Ya in a Kia!”: zircon & the Joys of Music Licensing

July 28th, 2008

Just another great day in #ocrjudges. You can view the full post for our conversation a few minute ago on this Wisconsin Kia dealership commercial, featuring original track “Inferno” by zircon:

Read the rest of this entry »

Paste Magazine spotlights Greg Laswell live performance (featuring JigginJonT)

July 27th, 2008

Jon Titterington (known as JigginJonT on OC ReMix) toured around with Greg Laswell the past couple of months for Greg’s US tour, promoting his new album Three Flights from Alto Nido, out on Vanguard Records.

While in Atlanta for their performance at Variety Playhouse (a dual show with Ingrid Michaelson, which Jimmy “Big Giant Circles” Hinson and myself attended), Greg and bandmates Brandon Walters & Jon stopped by Decatur’s Paste Magazine to film a Live at Paste performance of “What a Day.” Jon’s featured on trumpet, so be sure to check it out!

Paste Magazine logo

Wish djpretzel a happy birthday today by helping OC ReMix!

July 25th, 2008

Hey, I know we just recently sent out a mail on OC ReMix doing the soundtrack for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. Thanks for checking out our E3 week feature about it on Ars Technica:

I’m actually mailing because today, July 25th, is the birthday of OC ReMix founder David Lloyd, better known around these parts as djpretzel!!! He also recently got engaged to the lovely Anna, which was revealed on OCR just a couple of days ago!

To help celebrate, I’m asking you to take a few moments out of your day to wish djp a happy birthday! You can make his B-day a good one by doing any or all of the following things:

***Well, djp started it all, so throw some birthday greetings to djp right here:

***Buy a copy of this month’s issue of Game Informer magazine (with Wolfenstein on the cover), which features an interview with djp about OC ReMix and spotlights the video game arrangement community:

***Buy a T-shirt, hoodie or stickers from the OCR store and fly the colors:
***Purchase ANYTHING at Amazon through OCR and have (a much-appreciated) 6% of the sale donated to help pay for our sizeable bandwidth at no extra cost:

***Leave a Review for any OC ReMix on the site. Comments don’t have to be essays, but let djp, or any OC ReMixer, know how you felt about a ReMix you enjoyed. Any ReMix is fair game, and it’ll make their day:

***Complete your OCR collection by downloading the ReMixes you don’t have. The only mistake I ever made when I first found OCR in 2002 was to only download about 30 mixes just from games I knew. If that’s like you, you’re missing out on free GOLD:

***Join OCR on Facebook:
***Become a fan on Facebook:
***Join OCR on MySpace:

***Last, but not least, just encourage 10 friends to check out OC ReMix. OCR is what it is today, because people like you have been kind enough to spread the word on the site, the 100% free music we offer (1500+ tracks and counting), and the amazing creativity of the ReMixers who take time out to honor video game music. Anyone who likes games, game music or just awesome free music should swing by and see what we’re about, so tell everyone you can!

THANK YOU as always for supporting OverClocked ReMix, downloading the music, and being a part of the OCR community. We appreciate it! And happy birthday, Pretz!

Larry “Liontamer” Oji
Head Submissions Evaluator, OverClocked ReMix
Creator, VG Frequency
Staff, VGMdb

The Grammar Club kick off endless cycle of T-shirt sales

July 21st, 2008

Shael Riley says, “BUY THE SHIRT!” The banner below isn’t the logo that’s on it. Swing by The Grammar Club’s site to check out the sexy new design the Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix musicians are pushing from their store, for $18 plus S&H. Silhouettes of women never go wrong. You add an arcade cabinet next to her and clearly you’ll need a clean change of boxers:

The Grammar Club banner


Go to our website and buy our T-shirts.

Shirts are there. I fucking swear.

If you go to our website and buy our T-shirts, we will use the money you spend on our T-shirts to buy more T-shirts, and sell them on our website.

Do it.



C64 Orchestra to perform at 3daysON in Deventer, Netherlands

July 20th, 2008

3daysON logoLet’s plug the C64 Orchestra touring around Europe, representing the SID:

The C64 Orchestra will perform a special gig at the 3daysON festival on Saturday the 30th of August. Other gigs at this night will be by Michael Fakesch (Funkstorung) and Lefties Soul Connection.

It’s gonna be a great night! Tickets and info at

Urbanizm Music revamps website

July 19th, 2008

DCT’s original netlabel Urbanizm Music has just come out with a new look courtesy of Joshua Morse. Urbanizm’s got some great hip-hop and R&B acts from around OC ReMix, VGMix and OneUp Studios, so check it out.

Urbanizm Music logo

Digg it! - Fans go pro: How OC ReMix put its stamp on Street Fighter II

July 18th, 2008
Digg it! - Fans go pro: How OC ReMix put its stamp on Street Fighter II

*** We need your help spreading the word by digging the above article/interview!! ***

For those of you who haven’t heard, OC ReMix is providing the remixed soundtrack to Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, a high definition remake of the classic fighter! The Digg above links to an article/interview over at Ars Technica - we need your help in getting the word out about this game and our involvement in it, since the game (currently in beta) is about to release in a few months on Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) and and PlayStation Network (PSN).

We’ve actually done three interviews:

We’ve got more interviews coming up, but we need your help! Digg them, Slashdot them, blog them, LiveJournal them, Facebook them, MySpace them! Whatever you can do to spread the word on OC ReMix doing the Street Fighter HD Remix soundtrack, we’d be grateful for!

You can also stop by Capcom’s official forums and let them know YOU LOVE OC REMIX doing this soundtrack:

And if you know of any web, print, television or radio media that would be willing to talk with OC ReMix about Street Fighter HD Remix or our free video game music ReMixes, please let us know with an email. We’ll send you free OCR bumper stickers! We believe this soundtrack is going to open the OC ReMix community’s music up to a much broader audience, in a good way, and we’re looking forward to sharing it with everyone when the game is released!


David Lloyd (djpretzel) & Larry Oji (Liontamer)

The Megas unveil new T-shirt

July 17th, 2008

Check out The Mega’s latest T-shirt design, “Death Does Wear Blue” and pick it up from their storefront. $15 plus S&H to rock it. The band made their pitch via MySpace bulleting:

Check ‘em out… this time they’re available in black, as well as a limited number in lapis blue and heather grey w/black rings. Impress your friends! They probably have no clue how badass the man in blue really is.

All of our shirts are printed on American Apparel tees, the best T-shirts in all of the land.

They are soft, don’t fade in the wash, and they fit like a mother’s warm embrace! Support the Megas’ east coast tour by picking one up today!

The Megas T-shirt design

Audix & Tweek release Mario Kart 64 “Day’s End” music video

July 15th, 2008

Cool stuff from Greg “Audix” Michalec and Brian “Tweek” Arnold, as they just released a music video of their OC ReMix collaboration, Mario Kart 64 “Day’s End”. Audix kept it brief on the OC ReMix forums:

Just finished up a “music video” of sorts of this track, featuring clips of me and Tweek playing parts on guitar and keyboard, Mario Kart shortcuts, and FL Studio playthrough footage.

Check out the sweet powerslide up the ramp at 2:02. Did that on the first take. ;)

Nice work compiling the footage, with a great combinations of features. You get your nostalgia fix via the Mario Kart 64 footage, along with a nice look at the guts of the mix in the sequencer (arranging the work of Kenta Nagata), and performance shots of both ReMixers. Fun stuff, and nice to see these two go the extra mile.

Grant Kirkhope departs Rare, wraps up with Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts soundtrack

July 14th, 2008

Grant Kirkhope announced today via MySpace that he’s leaving Rare, his workplace of the past 13 years:

Well everyone…’s a very sad time, I have to tell you all that I’ve resigned from Rare. This Friday (18th) will be my last day at the company. Recording the stuff in Prague with Robin for Banjo has been my last task before I leave.

Needless to say my time at Rare has been the most amazing and rewarding experience imaginable and I’m going to miss not being there.

Nearly 13 years ago now, Rare gave a long haired metal fan a chance that no-one else would and I am forever in their debt.

I’ve worked with some fantastically talented people and it’s their creativity that has spurred me on to write and create the stuff I have………I really can’t put it into words.

I wish the company and people there all the luck in the world!


I actually just left him a MySpace message a few days ago for his birthday; one thing I mentioned was how excellent the first Viva Piñata soundtrack was. I’d express sadness at these current events, but the circumstances haven’t been publicized. And as far as I’m aware, Kirkhope can write his own ticket as far as his career is concerned, which is great. So, following the initial rough patch of feelings after leaving a long-time employer like Rare, I’m excited at what he has the potential to do now.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts screenshot

Of course, I’m looking forward to the eventual release of Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts on the Xbox 360 to hear his final work with Rare. Best of luck to Grant as we see what the future holds for him!

Square Enix Music Online interviews Symphonic Shades concert producer Thomas Böcker

July 8th, 2008

Great stuff from Chris of Square Enix Music Online, lining up the first English-language interview on the upcoming Chris Hülsbeck concert series tribute, Symphonic Shades. Producer Thomas Böcker spoke at length about what led to the concert’s creation, working with a host of top industry talent like Arnie Roth and Yuzo Koshiro, as well as what to expect, including nearly all-new orchestral arrangements from Jonne Valtonen and the upcoming CD complementing the concert.

Symphonic Shades: Hülsbeck in Concert logo

Böcker also went into detail on why there won’t be a sixth Symphonic Game Music Concert at Leipzig’s Games Convention, certainly of interest to fans of what was seemingly an institution at GC until recently. A great job and a very thorough read courtesy of Chris and SEMO, check it out.