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Several video game musicians spotlighted in Wired GeekDad’s “100 Geeks You Should Be Following on Twitter”

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Thanks go out to GeekDad (@WiredGeekDad) editor-in-chief Ken Dedmead (@fitzwillie) and our other brother at, Z. (@hipsterplease) for some excellent pimpage of OC ReMix recently. Make sure to follow all of those guys on Twitter to stay on top of geek culture.

Yesterday, Ken assembled a pretty comprehensive list of 100 geeky groups and people to follow on Twitter, and OC ReMix is listed second between Wil Wheaton and Weird Al Yankovic. Other important VGM groups and musicians on the list included Jonathan Coulton of Portal “Still Alive” fame (and much more), Nerdapalooza where John “hex” Carter covers VGM and nerdcore music as well as the regular music nerdcore music festival, genoboost of VGM and VGIM newsblog & netlabel Game Music 4 All, and British chiptunist Pixelh8.

Beyond that, the list is very thorough, and, since it’s not a top 100 list, many Wired/GeekDad readers have supplemented the list with great additional follow suggestions.

For those of you strictly interested in video game musicians, we continue to maintain our VG musicians Twitter list here on VG Frequency for everyone to crib from, as there are so many awesome composers & arrangers in the community that any VGM fan should follow. Thanks again to Ken for a truly awesome honor having many of us from the VGM community included in such an important list!

Larry Oji presents: 200+ video game musicians on Twitter

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Yesterday, I read Nick Chester’s post on Destructoid about GamerDNA’s Sam Houston maintaining a list of video game industry professionals and journalists using Twitter at Game Industry Tweet.

I love Twitter, and video game music is my passion. Since an important sector of game development was absent from Sam’s list, I’m maintaining a list of video game music professionals and enthusiasts on Twitter. More links will be added, and I’m sure there are folks who are absent from this list or want their info amended. If you need either, follow me & direct message me on Twitter, or email me at

If you’re not on Twitter, it’s a great platform with easy access to fellow enthusiasts, and it also encourages brief, effective communication. Get with the program and sign up.

Last updated: May 30th, 2009 - added chrisjhampton, esti_, gazms, gerdin, jgmusic, jasonchayes, masusu, masu_tom, neilvoss, ryuichisakamoto, whelchelphd, TracyWBush, virtjk, 8bitVGM, halc9bit, HaleaciousB, hatebunny, Nailhead, Nailhead_Gamer, nonsensicalexis, THE_Real_Chako, therks, Willrock07, danbrownpiano, dezolorfien, GenesisTribute, jason_vincion, shotanakama, SOU1, spamtron, thanatos_hn, Wizwars, xocnosaj, appiani, Axtuse, ffdistantworlds, SpiritofGamer, TheSIDStation

Since I put in the elbow grease to create this list, leading off is my bread and butter…

OverClocked ReMix (

OverClocked ReMix ocremix : OverClocked ReMix, composers for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, world’s largest website for VGM arrangements & fandom, hosts over 1,500 free VGM ReMixes

David W. Lloyd djpretzel : David W. Lloyd, aka djpretzel, OC ReMix founder/president/designer/webmaster; co-composer & soundtrack director for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, software engineer

Larry Oji LarryOji : Larry Oji, aka Liontamer, OC ReMix head submissions evaluator, assistant soundtrack director for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Tim Follin: Dirge for the Follin album director, creator of VGM radio show & blog VG Frequency, VGMdb staff

Mattias Häggström anosou : Mattias Häggström Gerdt, aka Another Soundscape, OC ReMix submissions judge, co-composer for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, composer for OK Games’ Artoon and Onion Factory’s The Perfect Match

Jimmy Hinson biggiantcircles : Jimmy Hinson, aka Big Giant Circles, OC ReMix submissions judge, co-composer for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix,

darkesword darkesword : Shariq Ansari, aka DarkeSword, OC ReMix submissions judge, Kirby’s Adventure: Rise of the Star album director

zirconst zirconst : Andrew Aversa, aka zircon, OC ReMix submissions judge, Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream album director, composer for Fittest, co-composer for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, creator of music industry/business blog SoundTempest, former host of OC ReMix podcast VGDJ, fiancé of vocalist & composer Jillian Goldin (pixietricks)

Professional video game musicians:

8 Bit Weapon 8bitweapon : Seth Sternberger, aka 8 Bit Weapon, chiptune musician, composer for Nokia’s Reset Generation

Austin Wintory awintory : Austin Wintory, composer for thatgamecompany’s flOw

Beatdrop Beatdrop : Dain Olsen, aka Beatdrop, former OC ReMix submissions judge, co-composer for Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2, Universe 2 & Universe 3

Bob Baffy bobbaffy : Bob Baffey, audio director at Backbone Entertainment, former audio director at Digital Eclipse, sound designer, composer for multitude of Game Boy Color titles

charles deenen cdeenen : Charles Deenen, composer for Virgin Games’ M.C. Kids, co-composer for Interplay’s The Lost Vikings, senior audio director at Electronic Arts

Chibi-Tech chibitech : Jason Nisperos, aka Chibi-Tech, chiptune musician, composer for Marvelous’s Zero no Tsukaima: Fantasy Force

chris j. hampton chrisjhampton : Chris J. Hampton, aka ast0r, composer for Two Tribes’ Toki Tori

Chris Tilton christilton : Chris Tilton, composer for EA’s Black and Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

christophertin christophertin : Christopher Tin, co-composer for 2K Games’ Civilization IV

clswall clswall : Cindy L. S. Wall, vocalist for Ubisoft’s Myst series, wife of Video Games Live co-creator & conductor Jack Wall

CoLD SToRAGE CoLDSToRAGE : Tim Wright, aka CoLD SToRAGE, former in-house composer at SCEE’s Psygnosis, co-composer for Psygnosis’s Shadow of the Beast series and Sony’s Wipeout series

Colin O'Malley ColinOMalley : Colin O’Malley, co-composer for Eidos’s Tomb Raider: Underworld

David Clynick Dave_Clynick : David Clynick, in-house composer at Microsoft’s Rare, co-composer for Perfect Dark Zero

David_Wise : David Wise, career-long in-house composer at Microsoft’s Rare, composer for Wizards & Warriors series, Battletoads, Donkey Kong Country series, co-composer for Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise

Rich Vreeland Disasterpeace : Rich Vreeland, aka Disasterpeace, lead composer for 16×16’s Rescue: The Beagles

Gene M. Rozenberg doistovich : Gene M. Rozenberg, aka Ampersand/Doistovich, composer for EA’s Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure

Eminence Online EminenceOnline : Eminence Symphony Orchestra, founded by Hiroaki Yura, Echoes of War album creators, performers for Blizzard’s Diablo III, Vanillaware’s Odin Sphere, Sega’s Valkyria Chronicles and Namco Bandai’s Soulcalibur IV

ESTi esti_ : Jin-Bae Park, aka ESTi, composer for Nexon’s TalesWeaver and NTREEV Soft’s Pangya: Fantasy Golf

gazz gazms : Robert Stjärnström, aka Gaz, vocalist and former guitarist for band Machinae Supremacy, co-composer for Rake in Grass’s Jets’n'Guns

Gordon gerdin : Andreas Gerdin, aka Gordon, rhythm guitarist for band Machinae Supremacy, co-composer for Rake in Grass’s Jets’n'Guns

G GKMarino : Gerard K. Marino, co-composer for Sony’s God of War series

Godspeed Godspeed_ViViX : Masahiro Aoki, aka Godspeed, co-composer for The Law of Contradiction

Grant Kirkhope grantkirkhope : Grant Kirkhope, audio director at THQ’s Big Huge Games, former in-house composer at Microsoft’s Rare, co-composer for Rare’s GoldenEye 007, Donkey Kong 64, Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie series & Viva Piñata series

Stephen Harwood Jr harwood9 : Stephen Harwood, Jr., composer for Ubisoft’s Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30

Hiroyuki Iwatsuki iwadon : Hiroyuki Iwatsuki, composer for Natsume/Hudson Soft’s Omega Five (see also: iwadon_ldrlog)

jgmusic : Jason Graves, composer for EA’s Dead Space

Jason Hayes jasonchayes : Jason Hayes, co-composer for Blizzard’s StarCraft, Warcraft III and World of Warcraft

Jonathan Coulton jonathancoulton : Jonathan Coulton, composer of “Still Alive” for Valve’s Portal, nerdcore singer-songwriter

JoshuaMorse : Joshua Morse, composer for GameOn’s Anna’s Ice Cream, creator of album Ragnarok Online: Hybridism

kevinrieplmusic kevinrieplmusic : Kevin Riepl, composer for Microsoft’s Gears of War (see also: Kevin Riepl DamageVault_K)

madfiddler : Mark Knight, aka madfiddler, composer for EA’s Warhammer: Dark Omen, Bullfrog’s Populous: The Beginning and Dungeon Keeper 2, Lead Audio Designer at Codemasters Software, member of band Stuck in D’80s

S.Malcolm-Howell Malcos : Stephen Malcolm-Howell, aka Malcos, co-composer & assistant soundtrack director for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, former OC ReMix submissions judge

Mark Griskey mark_griskey : Mark Griskey, composer for LucasArts’ Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Masashi Yano masusu : Masashi Yano, composer for Bullet Witch and Suiheisen Made Nan Mile?, co-composer for Cave’s Puzzle! Mushihimetama

Tomas Nilsén masu_tom : Tomas Nilsén, drummer for band Machinae Supremacy, co-composer for Rake in Grass’s Jets’n'Guns

Michael Vafeas McVaffe : Michael Vafeas, aka McVaffe, OC ReMixer, co-composer for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

M_Minoshima M_Minoshima : Masayoshi Minoshima, co-composer for Makura’s H2O: Footprints in the Sand, founder and owner of Alstroemeria Records

Mustin Mustin : Mustin, OC ReMixer, composer for Telegames’ Ultimate Arcade Games: Treasure Hunters, leader of band The OneUps, creator of record label OneUp Studios

Takayuki Nakamura nakataka : Takayuki Nakamura, co-composer for Sega’s Virtua Fighter series and Q Entertainment’s Lumines series

Neal Acree neal_acree : Neal Acree, co-composer for Blizzard’s Warcraft: The Burning Crusade and World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

Neil Voss neilvoss : Neil Voss, composer of H2O Entertainment’s Tetrisphere

neostormx: Anthony Marin, aka Neostorm, OC ReMixer, co-composer for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

nrvststpilot nrvststpilot : Paul Taylor, aka nervous_testpilot, composer for Mode 7 Games’ Determinance, freelance music journalist

orchetect : Steffan Andrews, OC ReMixer, co-composer for EA’s FaceBreaker and PowerUp Studios’ Night of a Million Billion Zombies

? REDALiCE : Akai Hito, aka REDALiCE, composer for Dokodemo Sukishite Itsudemo Sukishite, veteran VGM arranger

RichardJacques Richard_Jacques : Richard Jacques, composer for Sega’s Sonic 3D Blast, co-composer for Sega’s Jet Set Radio series, BioWare’s Mass Effect and Sega’s Sonic and the Black Knight

Ryan Arndt RyanAComposer : Ryan Arndt, Lead Sound Designer/Composer/Studio Marketing & Development at Somatone Interactive Canada

ryuichi sakamoto ryuichisakamoto : Ryuichi Sakamoto, co-composer of Square Enix’s Dawn of Mana

Sean Beeson SeanBeeson : Sean Beeson, composer for Silver Sphere Studios’ Eternity’s Child

ShaelRiley ShaelRiley : Shael Riley, OC ReMixer, co-composer & soundtrack director for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, member of nerdcore band The Grammar Club, cast member of ScrewAttack’s The New Adventures of Captain S, brother of Devon Riley

Vincent Diamante sklathill : Vincent Diamante, composer for USC Interactive Media’s Cloud and Konami Mobile’s Castlevania: Order of Shadows, Interactive Media Division adjunct professor at University of Southern California

Josh Whelchel Music soundofjw : Josh Whelchel, aka TwiTerror, composer for Natomic Studios’ The Spirit Engine series (see also: Josh Whelchel whelchelphd)

TheMightyFatMan TheMightyFatMan : George Sanger, aka The Fat Man, OC ReMixer, legendary professional VGM composer, leader of Team Fat, creator of game music summit Project Bar-B-Q (see also: FatManAndCircuitGirl fmandcg)

Robin Beanland TheRealBeano : Robin Beanland, audio director at Microsoft’s Rare, co-composer for Rare’s Donkey Kong Country, Killer Instinct series, Conker series and Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Sascha Dikiciyan toksin : Sascha Dikiciyan, aka toksin, co-composer for Ubisoft’s TMNT, co-composer for Flagship Studios’ Hellgate: London, musical collaborator of Cris Velasco

TommyTallarico TommyTallarico : Tommy Tallarico, Guinness world record holder of work on the most video games, co-creator & host of Video Games Live concert series, founder of Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G.)

Tom Salta TomSalta : Tom Salta, composer for Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s: Ghost Recon Advanced Warfigher 1 & 2

TracyWBush TracyWBush : Tracy W. Bush, co-composer for Blizzard’s Warcraft III and World of Warcraft

Jake Kaufman virtjk : Jake Kaufman, aka virt, composer for Capcom’s Shantae, Neon Studios’ Legend of Kay and Konami’s Contra 4, founder of band The Smash Brothers, husband of Kristi Kaufman

wall_snd wall_snd : Jack Wall, co-creator and conductor of Video Games Live concert series, composer for Ubisoft’s Myst series, BioWare’s Jade Empire and BioWare’s Mass Effect, husband of vocalist Cindy L. S. Wall

zhaytee zhaytee : Joseph Toscano, aka ZhayTee, OC ReMixer, composer for Sunspire Studios’ Tux Racer

More OC ReMixers (

8 Bit Instrumental 8bitVGM : 8 Bit Instrumental

Adrian Holovaty adrianholovaty : Adrian Holovaty, creator of Super Mario Bros. 2 ‘Gypsy Jazz’, creator of open-source web application framework Django

AkumajoBelmont AkumajoBelmont : Rabbie Sabo, aka AkumajoBelmont

Greg Michalec audixmusic : Greg Michalec, aka Audix, composed starting lineup themes for Valparaiso University and University of Virginia basketball teams

Langel Bookbinder b_knox : Langel Bookbinder, member of band aneurySm, member of band Warmth

blizihizake : Blake Perdue

Susie Sahim bogusred : Susie Sahim, aka BogusRed, has drawn cavemen for Google

BrandonBush : Brandon Bush, aka Harmony, former OC ReMix submissions judge

Richard Whitelock brfuk : Richard Whitelock, aka richBRF, co-creator of Super Mario Bros. ‘Dirty Mix’, photographer

Kassi Kennedy brightflashes : Kassi Kennedy, aka Kassi/Kassie!, wife of The OneUps‘ violinist Greg Kennedy

Joseph Liao choweee : Joseph Liao, aka Fatty Acid

Cool Core Audio CoolCoreAudio : Cool Core Audio, Swedish game audio by OC ReMixer Fredrik Häthén and Calle

cotmm68030 cotmm68030 : Matthew Newman, aka Children of the Monkey Machine, former OC ReMix submissions judge, photographer

cyborgjeff cyborgjeff : Pierre Martin, aka Cyborg Jeff

DaleNorth DaleNorth : Dale North, former member of The OneUps, News Editor at Destructoid, Editor-in-Chief at Japanator, Editor-in-Chief at VGM news blog Original Sound Version

DiggiDis : Frank van ‘t Ende, aka Diggi Dis

DJComet DJComet : Alex Morrow, aka DJComet

Patrick Jacks drjaxx : Patrick Jacks, aka JAXX

Doug Perry DrumUltimA : Doug Perry, aka DrumUltimA, Percussion major at Johns Hopkins Peabody Institute, son of Principal Violist of the Hartford Symphony Orchestra Sharon Dennison (MomUltimA)

matt pollard fatpollard : Matt Pollard, aka mp

Kattywampus Feanyx : K. Dani Davis, aka Cuddly Battleship Kattywampus

ffmusicdj ffmusicdj : Haroon Piracha, aka FFmusic Dj, sound designer at High Impact Games including Secret Agent Clank and Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, former QA

Sebastian Freij Freijman : Sebastian Freij, aka AeroZ

tfisico frizico : Aurora, television meteorologist

Gamer Orchestra GamerSymphony : Gamer Symphony Orchestra, University of Maryland student performers

Andrew Wheeler halc9bit : Andrew Wheeler, aka halc

HaleaciousB : David Ryan Clark, aka Hale-Bopp

Craig hardgrove : Craig Hardgrove, aka tycho, Marathon enthusiast, geophysical research student

Rab Townsend hatebunny : Rab Townsend, aka Aetherius

Hornpipe2: Greg Kennedy, aka Hornpipe2, violinist of band The OneUps

Tyler Carson HyBound : Tyler Carson, aka Hy Bound

ikadmium : Jesse Higginson, aka Kadmium

Jason_K Jason_K : Jason Koohi, aka Strike911

Joe Cammisa joecamnet : Joe Cammisa, aka Joe Cam, EarthBound: Bound Together album director

Andrew Kumeelyun : Andrew Babb, aka Zelig

Dustin Kulwicki kwix29 : Dustin Kulwick, aka k-wix, Cave Story Remix Project album director

Jesse Gregory mainfinger : Jesse Gregory, aka Main Finger

GaMeBoX markedone : Steve Olofsson, aka GaMeBoX

Mike Sacco mikesacco : Mike Sacco, aka Shonen Samurai, Game Master for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft

reynald moonove : Reynald Deliens, aka moonove

Eric Fullerton Nailhead : Eric Fullerton, aka Faze (see also: Eric Fullerton Nailhead_Gamer)

Nicole Adams nicole_adams : Nicole Adams

Wire McQuaid nintendometal : Elisabeth Pezouvanis aka Wire, lead guitarist of band Game Over

nonsensicalexis nonsensicalexis : Alexis Kitchen, aka nonsensicalexis

Mike Klinkhamer nykad : Mike Klinkhamer, aka nyKad

Phil Strahl philstrahl : Philipp Strahl, aka texx sound

Jonas platonist : Jonas Loman, aka Platonist, creator of netlabel Reuniverse

Ransom Rath RansomRath : Ransom Rath, member of band PlanetSkill

roggah : Roger Matthews, aka Roggah

RyoLion RyoLion : Ryo Takahashi, aka Ryo Lion

Scholar & Physic schlr_physcn : Oli Horton & Steve Dawson, aka A Scholar & A Physician

SketchHurricane SketchHurricane : Paul Ford, aka metaphist

sgtrama : Doug Arley, aka SgtRama, creator of VGM news portal ThaSauce, immortalized in EGM (R.I.P.) #156 for his Kirby Super Star OC ReMix ‘Green Greens (Contagious Eye Infection)’

Danny SGXProtagonist sgxmusic : Danny Adler, aka SGX, creator of electronic music label Protagonist Records

DCT SonicSkillz : Duane Thorpe, aka DCT, creator of hip-hop/R&B netlabel Urbanizm Music

starla injury starlainjury : Starla, aka injury

subtonic12 subtonic12 : Dan Studnicky

Ty Guenley suzums : Ty Guenley, aka Suzumebachi

Tansunn Kitsuki Tansunn : Tansunn

Benedikt Terhechte terhechte : Benedikt Terhechte, aka Zeratul

Martin Binfield thabisnit : Martin Binfield, aka Binster, artist & animator at SCEE, co-lead animator for Sony’s Heavenly Sword

thegirlnextdork thegirlnextdork : Candy Bullard, aka Juverna

Marc Junker the_junk : Marc Junker

themegas themegas : Mega Man tribute band The Megas (Eric von Doymi [MEGAEric], Greg Schneider [megasgreg megasgreg], Josh Breeding [Josh Breeding breeding], Mike Levinson [Mike Levinson MegasMike])

Mr. Fulton THE_Real_Chako : Trevor Fulton, aka DjChako

TheoryOfN : Dustin Lagaly, aka Theory of Nonexistence

Rob Saunders therks : Rob Saunders

Bradley Burr thesaxprophet : Bradley Burr, aka the prophet of mephisto, Radical Dreamers: Thieves of Fate album director

John Burnett TheWingless : John Burnett, aka The Wingless, former OC ReMix submissions judge, user interface artist at EA’s Pandemic Studios, former user interface artist at Midway

Tim Sheehy TimSheehy : Tim Sheehy, aka Kaijin, Contributing Writer at VGM news blog Original Sound Version, former customer service rep at Blizzard

tumult tumult : tumult, member of band PlanetSkill

Brian D. (Ubik) Ubik2501 : Brian Davis, aka Ubik, dressed as Karnov for MAGFest 7, spits hot fire

vergo890 vergo890 : Philip Schwan, aka Tepid

wdelgenio : William Del Genio, aka munky

William Harby Willrock07 : William Harby, aka Willrock

Yellow Archer YellowArcher : Kevin Stephens

Young Hahn younghahn : Youngjin Hahn, aka Ziwtra

zyk0 : Waleed Hawatky, aka zyko, former OC ReMix submissions judge

More video game musicians:

Atsushi Ohara Atsushio : Atsushi Ohara, arranger

Beefy beefyness : Keith Moore, aka Beefy, member of nerdcore band The Grammar Club

binary1230 binary1230 : Dominic Cerquetti, aka binary1230, Programmer at Firaxis Games, creator of JamSpace music performance area for MAGFest, member of band Rare Candy, road member of band Temp Sound Solutions

Glen McNamee c64glen : Glen McNamee, aka c64glen, Commodore music arranger & enthusiast

brian cacomistle : Brian Vanek, aka cacomistle, chiptune musician

ComputeHer computeher : Michelle Mitchell, aka ComputeHer, chiptune musician, wife & musical collaborator of Seth Sternberger (8 Bit Weapon)

Dan Brown danbrownpiano : Dan Brown, aka Kareshi

Devon Riley DevonRiley : Devon Riley, cast member of ScrewAttack’s The New Adventures of Captain S, brother of Shael Riley

dezo dezolorfien : Johan Hedlund, aka Dezo, bassist for band Machinae Supremacy

Paul Hadrill dj_skitz : Paul Hadrill, aka Dj Skitz, Commodore music arranger & enthusiast

doctoroctoroc doctoroctoroc : Levi Buffum, aka Doctor Octoroc, creator of 8-Bit Jesus VGM-inspired Christmas chiptune album

Brian Davis GenesisTribute : Brian Davis, arranger

glenncase glenncase : Glenn Case, co-composer for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, former member of nerdcore band The Grammar Club

Grant Henry GrantHenry : Grant Henry, aka Stemage, creator of Metroid Metal

Christopher Bailey Infamousuk : Christopher Bailey, aka Infamous, Commodore music arranger

Jason Vincion jason_vincion : Jason Vincion, arranger

KirbyPufocia KirbyPufocia : Mike Molnar, aka Kirby Pufocia, road member of band Metroid Metal

Kyle Crouse KyleJCrb : Kyle Crouse, aka KyleJCrb, Tales: Summoning of Spirits album director, creator of VGM radio show Nitro Game Injection

Henrik Lidbjörk lidbjork : Henrik Lidbjörk, aka Lie Mutherpluckin’ B, creator of Sex, Drugs N’ Nintendo & Nintendosploitation albums

Rubens Stulzer megadriver_bass : Rubens Stulzer, bassist for band MegaDriver

MegaRan : Raheem Jarbo, aka Random/Mega Ran, underground rapper, creator of Mega Ran, American Gamer and Mega Ran 9 albums

Kristi MissTrueStar : Kristi Kaufman, kickass knitter, wife of VGMix founder & Konami’s Contra 4 composer Jake Kaufman (virt)

pongball pongball : Shannon Clark, aka Pongball, chiptune & MIDI musician, former VGMusic staff, wife of David Clark (Hale-Bopp)

Jon H. q_pa : Jon Heiman, aka q-pa, VGM club DJ

raublekick raublekick : Andrew Rauble, aka Rauble, guitarist for band Armadillo Tank

Matt Hackett richtaur : Matt Hackett, aka Richter, Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Hedgehog Heaven album director, Senior Frontend Engineer at gaming social platform Raptr

Ryo Ohnuki RyoOhnuki : Ryo Ohnuki, arranger

shawnphase shawnphase : Craig Jakubowski, aka Shawn Phase, creator of band Temp Sound Solutions, former drummer of band The Smash Brothers

shota nakama shotanakama : Shota Nakama, director of Video Game Orchestra

Skyriser a.k.a. Lix skyriser : Lix/Skyriser, arranger

SOU1 SOU1 : SOU1, arranger

spamtron spamtron : Guerin McMurray, aka Spamtron, chiptune musician and arranger

sumppi sumppi : Juha Kaunisto, aka sumppi, Commodore music arranger, web developer

HN a.k.a Thanatos thanatos_hn : Thanatos, arranger

WaveTheory WaveTheory : Wave Theory, electronic/hip-hop band led by Alex Esquivel (AE)

Kevin Hagge Wizwars : Kevin Hagge, aka Wizwars

Jason Cox xocnosaj : Jason Cox, aka Xoc, multi-talented arranger, creator of album SMW

Yamajet Yamajet : Yamajet, arranger

Zen Albatross ZenAlbatross : Joshua Kopstein, aka ZenAlbatross, chiptune musician

Video game music events/news/PR/radio/education:

Aktrez Aktrez : Becky Young, aka Aktrez, Events Director for Video Games Live concert series, host on VGM webstream Game Music Radio, creator of the Girls Entertainment Network

appiani : Thomas Boecker, executive producer of Merregnon Studios, producer of concert series Game Music Concert, Drammatica, Symphonic Shades

arcubalis arcubalis : Jayson Napolitano, Managing Editor at VGM news blog Original Sound Version

Axtuse Axtuse : Brett Wooley, aka Axtuse, host of Meteor Radio at KBYO 92.7 FM (Monroe, LA)

The C64 Take-away C64Takeaway : The C64 Take-away, created by Remix.Kwed.Org founder Jan Lund Thomsen (Kwed)

CocoeBiz.VGMWorld cocoebiz : CocoeBiz, VGM retailer founded by Kahori Ezaki (Coco)

Kahori Ezaki CocoVader : Kahori Ezaki, aka Coco, founder of VGM retailer CocoeBiz

dekubar dekubar : dekubar, creator of VGM news blog dekunology

ffdistantworlds ffdistantworlds : Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds, international concert series featuring the music of Nobuo Uematsu conducted by Arnie Roth

Patrick Gann Gameodactyl : Patrick Gann, Associate Editor at VGM news blog Original Sound Version

genoboost genoboost : Anthony Ruybalid, aka Genoboost, creator of VGM and VG-inspired music news blog & netlabel Game Music 4 All

hex hexWarrior : John Carter, aka Hex, creator of nerdcore music news blog & concert series Nerdapalooza

Z. hipsterplease : Z., man of mystery, contributor at’s GeekDad, creator of nerdcore news blog Hipster, please!

?????? = Jeriaska Jeriaska : Jeriaska, creator of VGM news portal Nobuooo, freelance writer for Siliconera and GameSetWatch, microlender & futurist

justinj212 justinj212 : Justin Johnston, former PR Director for the University of Maryland Gamer Symphony Orchestra, host of VGM radio show 8-Bit Radio at WMUC 88.1 FM (College Park, MD)

MAGFest MAGFest : MAGFest (Music and Gaming Festival), yearly 3-day Washington, DC-area festival/convention/concert celebrating gaming & game music, created by Brendan Becker (Mr. MAGFest)

Music4Games Music4Games : Music 4 Games, VGM news portal, created by Greg O’Connor-Read

Nerdapalooza Nerdapalooza : Nerdapalooza, nerdcore music news blog and concert series

Nobuooo Nobuooo : Nobuooo, VGM news portal created by Jeriaska

Simon Smith Sitorimon : Simon Smith, creator of VGM news blog Higher Plain Music

Kenley Kristofferson siven7 : Kenley Kristofferson, aka siven7, creator of academic VGM podcast Into the Score, music teacher slayradio : SLAY Radio, VGM webstream featuring live shows, focused on Commodore arrangement community, created by Kenneth Mutka (Slaygon)

Carl Larson SpiritofGamer : Carl Larson, staff at VGMdb

superquarky superquarky : Stephanie Prader, Guest Coordinator for MAGFest

thasauce thasauce : ThaSauce, video game music new portal created by Doug Arley (SgtRama)

Dr. Bongo TheSIDStation : The SID Station, Commodore 64 radio stream created by John “Dr. Bongo” Taylor

vgmdb vgmdb : VGMdb (Video Game Music database), world’s largest catalog & information source on video game music albums, run by Ken Moore (Secret Squirrel) and Gigablah

yaku yaku : Yaku, Administrator of VGM news blog Noctilucence

Capcom & OverClocked ReMix Make Video Game Soundtrack History

Thursday, November 27th, 2008
Capcom & OverClocked ReMix Make Video Game Soundtrack History

By: David W. Lloyd,

November 27, 2008

Fairfax, VA — OverClocked ReMix today released for free download its official soundtrack to Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game consoles. While video game companies have worked with fans in the past, HD Remix is the first major video game with a completely fan-made soundtrack. More than twenty gamers from around the world contributed remixes of the original Street Fighter games’ music for inclusion in the updated game, in styles including jazz, hip-hop, reggaeton, spaghetti western, garage rock, big beat and electronica.

The official soundtrack is available for download free of charge at

Over 2 million visitors a year download OverClocked ReMix’s free, fan-made arrangements of music from both classic and modern video games, but HD Remix marks the community’s first contribution to an official commercial title. Both the game and its soundtrack have received critical acclaim, with IGN’s Ryan Clements describing the music as “a great tribute to the original soundtrack” and Tyler Nagata of GamesRadar writing that “Unlike so many remakes of classic fighters, Turbo HD has soul… You can hear it in the new remixed soundtrack, developed with the help of fans from OverClocked ReMix.”

OverClocked ReMix was approached by Capcom in June of 2007 to provide HD Remix’s score after the company discovered the OC ReMix Street Fighter II remix album, Blood on the Asphalt. Rey Jimenez, Associate Producer for Capcom, worked directly with the fan community to communicate requirements and feedback.”Working with the OC ReMix crew has been one of the most rewarding aspects of working on SF HD Remix, truly making the game a community effort. These guys are part of the meat and potatoes of what makes the Street Fighter fanbase such a lasting part of the gaming industry,” said Jimenez. “They worked above and beyond our expectations and I’m hoping that we’ll be able to work together in the future.”

About OverClocked ReMix

Founded in 1999, OverClocked ReMix is an organization dedicated to the appreciation, preservation, and interpretation of video game music. Its primary focus is, a website featuring hundreds of free fan arrangements, information on game music and composers, resources for aspiring artists, and a thriving community of video game music fans.


OC ReMix: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Official Soundtrack -

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Official Homepage -

IGN Review -

GamesRadar Review -


Wish djpretzel a happy birthday today by helping OC ReMix!

Friday, July 25th, 2008

Hey, I know we just recently sent out a mail on OC ReMix doing the soundtrack for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. Thanks for checking out our E3 week feature about it on Ars Technica:

I’m actually mailing because today, July 25th, is the birthday of OC ReMix founder David Lloyd, better known around these parts as djpretzel!!! He also recently got engaged to the lovely Anna, which was revealed on OCR just a couple of days ago!

To help celebrate, I’m asking you to take a few moments out of your day to wish djp a happy birthday! You can make his B-day a good one by doing any or all of the following things:

***Well, djp started it all, so throw some birthday greetings to djp right here:

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***Last, but not least, just encourage 10 friends to check out OC ReMix. OCR is what it is today, because people like you have been kind enough to spread the word on the site, the 100% free music we offer (1500+ tracks and counting), and the amazing creativity of the ReMixers who take time out to honor video game music. Anyone who likes games, game music or just awesome free music should swing by and see what we’re about, so tell everyone you can!

THANK YOU as always for supporting OverClocked ReMix, downloading the music, and being a part of the OCR community. We appreciate it! And happy birthday, Pretz!

Larry “Liontamer” Oji
Head Submissions Evaluator, OverClocked ReMix
Creator, VG Frequency
Staff, VGMdb

OC ReMix fans! Want to come to the ultimate meetup?

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

We think you need to. For the past two years, we’ve been attending this event called MAGFest (that is, the Music and Gaming Festival). Short of knocking on djpretzel’s, zircon’s or my (Liontamer’s) door, this will be one of the best chances to not only meet us, the crew behind OC ReMix, but also to meet a whole ton of OC ReMixers. Not only that, but you’ll get to spend New Year’s weekend with us and party it up. This will be the seventh time they’ve thrown this shindig!

If you’re at all into video games and music, this will be the place to be this upcoming year. There’s so many fun things to do, you’ll wonder where your weekend went! Video game composers like Howard Drossin (with several Sonic titles to his credit) and Jake “virt” Kaufman (Contra 4 and TMNT on the DS) will be around. And Friday and Saturday nights are filled with concerts from video game bands! The Advantage, Minibosses, and NESkimos have all performed there in the past. This year’s lineup of bands will be out soon, including some familiar names from OCR.

The best part is that even after all of that, you haven’t even experienced half of the event! You can hit the video room and watch game movies and cartoons, buy stuff from the people in the marketplace, go to video game panels and discussions (including our own OC ReMix bash), or just play games the whole time. There’s over 10,000 square feet of just console, PC, and even arcade games, and it doesn’t close AT ALL during the entire duration of the event. If you want to play Rock Band on a stage for hours on end with José the Bronx Rican, you can! Or if you wanna challenge James Rolfe, the Angry Video Game Nerd, go ahead and call him OUT!

Here’s what me and some other folks had to say about last year’s MAGFest:

Now that you want to go, lemme mention the important stuff:
- It’s in Alexandria, VA, in a 5-star Hilton, which is a quick ride from DC (Reagan National Airport).
- It’s Thursday-Sunday, Jan 1-4, 2009. If you’re not free on New Year’s Day, you can come Friday and not miss too much.
- Like many good things, it costs money. But $40 isn’t too bad for all weekend!

And here are a few links for you:
* Their site:
* The info on the hotel and directions:
* The preregistration page:

Preregister for MAGFest soon to make sure you’re there! Their hotel is already accepting room reservations, and they even got the rates down for us that aren’t so lucky in the money department. It’s only $99 a night to stay at the hotel MAGFest is in, and come on, it looks like the Citadel! Split it with a few friends and that price goes down VERY fast. If you’re already sold on it, call them up and reserve a room at 703-845-1010 any time of day (they’re a hotel, ya know).

Let them know MAGFest and OC ReMix sent you (and make sure to be at the OC ReMix panel), and we’ll see you there!

Larry “Liontamer” Oji
Head Submissions Evaluator, OverClocked ReMix
Creator, VG Frequency

The Bad Dudes announce No Balls, No Glory, a remix project based on Technos’ Super Dodge Ball

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008
Album Used In Promotion With Aksys Games’ Upcoming Nintendo DS Title Super Dodgeball Brawlers

The Bad Dudes, a group of the internet’s best video game music remixers, announces the upcoming release of their latest project: No Balls, No Glory. This internet EP, based on Kazuo Sawa’s music from the 1989 Nintendo Entertainment System video game Super Dodge Ball, contains sixteen unique arrangements spanning various musical styles, with a focus on ethnic arrangements from each dodge ball team’s country of origin.

This collection of music will be used by video game software developer Aksys Games in promotion of Super Dodgeball Brawlers, a Nintendo DS title based on the classic Super Dodge Ball Nintendo game. This upcoming release takes the classic game play of the original and adds new attacks, multiplayer gaming, and a host of other upgrades, and will be released on May 27th, 2008 for a MSRP of $29.99.

No Balls, No Glory project producer Mustin said, “I’m excited about releasing this project in conjunction with Aksys games and their Brawlers release.  I hope the music pays suitable tribute to the Super Dodge Ball video game we all played as kids.”

About No Balls, No Glory
This is the third internet-release EP by The Bad Dudes, a multinational group of musicians that releases covers of video game music. This album was produced by Mustin of No Balls, No Glory is available for download at

About Aksys Games
Based in Torrance, California, Aksys Games is a third party licensee of Nintendo of America. More information on Aksys Games can be found online at

ThaSauce Unveils Super Mario Land 2 Project

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

For Immediate Release
April 1st, 2008
Contact: Tyberius H. Guenley, (

BELEN, NM–ReMix:ThaSauce, in cooperation with Dupaszef, LLC, is proud to present Super Mario Land 2: Tremendous Achievement. Super Mario Land 2: Tremendous Achievement is an achievement unlocked in video game music remixing. Such a great achievement to have been achieved is truly an achievement in itself. Super Mario Land 2: Tremendous Achievement is the remixing community’s first official Super Mario Land 2 remix project, an honorable achievement. Also an achievement, is the incredible talent involved in this achievement. Greatly achieved artists, such as:

  • Beatdrop
  • injury
  • Children of the Washing Machine
  • that Mexican guy
  • Emmanuel Samuelson IV, Esq.
  • OverCoat
  • that Swedish guy
  • OverCoat

This achievement is available to the public at:

Downloading of this achievement is free on the condition that you share this achievement with your unachieving friends. After downloading this achievement, users are allowed to select songs from this collection of achievement and listen to them. The act of listening to these songs is an achievement all on its own. Tell your friends. And your mother. Ty Guenley, ThaSauce Admin, ReMixer, Forum Troll, IRC Troll, World of Warcraft Player, Haver of Basic Skills, Project Director for Super Mario Land 2: Tremendous Achievement (, and Generally Standup Guy, writes:

“This is totally a crowning achievement. Not unlike the crowning of a newborn child, or like the King of Canada or something.”

Founded in 1979, Dupaszef, LLC is a company.

Dwelling of Duels: February 2008 Results (Kirby)

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

Cool stuff seeing Andrew “Hope Fails” Luers improve his game. The artist also known as OA took home the gold Zelda trophy for the latest Dwelling of Duels competition, focused on the Kirby franchise.

Dwelling of Duels - February 2008 - Kirby Month

Hope Fails‘ first place track “Puffball Promenade” tackled Kirby’s Dream Land 2 from the Game Boy. He’s really come a ways from earlier material in his game arrangement career, so it’s really nice to see that growth validated with the win here.

As we anticipate next month’s competition, a Sci-Fi Games theme, be sure to get your DoD fill this month and download these tracks inspired by the pink poofer:

Hope Fails: Kirby’s Dreamland 2 (Gameboy) - Puffball Promenade
Musically Inspired, Jabo: Kirby Superstar - Thanks For The Help, Knuckle Joe!
foXdiE: Kirby’s Adventure - Roy G Ambivalence
Fourth Place - Scaredsim: Medley - Pink Like a Bubble Gum
Fifth Place (tie) - ionvortex: Kirby Superstar - Save Cabin Getaway
Fifth Place (tie) - thesamareaye: Kirby’s Adventure - Smooth Like Butter
Seventh Place - Corax, Zachariasmith, hodded: Kirby 64 - Baby Blue Toque
Eighth Place - Noise and a Beat: Kirby Superstar - Gourmet Race of a Thousand Flames
Ninth Place (tie) - Millenial Fairs: Kirby - Kirby’s Nightmare
Ninth Place (tie) - Shnabubula: Kirby’s Adventure - OMG U SUXX

KFSS Studios ceases operations

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Project Majestic Mix - Gold Edition coverKFSS Studios, creator of several of the first legally-released VGM fan arrangement albums in America (the Project Majestic Mix series), announced today that it’s closing its doors.

The label’s final, uncompleted project, was an ambient/chillout album, given catalog number KFSS-710 and planned for a two-disc release. The album, featuring both VGM arrangements and original compositions, would have contained material from Mustin, Daniel Baranowsky, Shawn “ABG” Overn, Jan van Valburg, Mazedude, Jonathan Geer, Chris Hülsbeck, Jan Zottmann, Fabian “Rapture” Del Priore and label owners Stephen & Jana Kennedy.

Since there’s only a short window of opportunity for the message posted by label owners Stephen & Jana Kennedy to be seen, we reprint their closing announcement in full: (more…)

OC ReMixer and Judge Andrew Aversa Wins SquareSound Competition!

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

OverClocked ReMix judge and director of the Final Fantasy VII tribute album Voices of the Lifestream ( Andrew “zircon” Aversa was recently voted the winner of SquareSound’s ( “A Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu” Arrangement Competition. The winning participant out of 53 entries with his Final Fantasy VI medley “Dirt Devil,” Aversa earned a combined score of 96.22%. zircon walked away with the grand prize of a limited edition promotional copy of Voices of the Lifestream, and two VIP tickets to the March 1, 2008 performance of Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy (, including the official concert program and limited edition CD, performed by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. The tickets to the Chicago concert include entrance to the exclusive meet-and-greet with Final Fantasy series composer Nobuo Uematsu following the performance.

Emerging as runner-up was Kenley Kristofferson, who runs the Into the Score podcast ( dedicated to the academic study of video game music, with his own Final Fantasy VI medley, “Hundreds of Voices (Swinging in Unison!).” All of the entries are available for download on SquareSound’s website, and Aversa’s winning piece was recently posted to OverClocked ReMix (

Larry “Liontamer” Oji, OC ReMix’s head submissions evaluator and among the competition’s four judges, noted the prestige of what was at stake: “It was definitely a privilege to judge such an important competition from SquareSound, with a very meaningful first prize on the line. Having the opportunity to meet any composer in person, let alone Nobuo Uematsu, and express one’s fandom and thanks is something a lot of musicians in the community don’t have the good fortune to experience.”

zircon will be attending Distant Worlds with girlfriend and fellow OC ReMix judge Jillian “pixietricks” Goldin. Having created Voices of the Lifestream, Aversa hopes to present his awarded copy of the album to Uematsu in person: “Both Jill and myself are really excited to see Distant Worlds and meet Mr. Uematsu, even if only briefly. We’re huge fans of his music; between the two of us, we’ve remixed over a dozen of his compositions. I personally consider him to be my all-time favorite video game music composer. It will be a dream come true if I can personally hand him a copy of Voices of the Lifestream.”


*SquareSound: Andrew Aversa Wins Our Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu Arrangement Competition!
*Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy
*Andrew “zircon” Aversa at OverClocked ReMix
*Kenley Kristofferson at Into the Score
*Larry “Liontamer” Oji at VG Frequency
*Jillian “pixietricks” Goldin at OverClocked ReMix
*Nobuo Uematsu (????) at OverClocked ReMix
*Voices of the Lifestream

Prize details for the winner of SquareSound’s Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu Competition

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

Tim Maxwell of SquareSound has publicized the final set of prizes for the Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu Arrangement Competition, with the all-important tickets to Chicago’s upcoming performance of Distant Worlds hanging in the balance. Well, I’m helping to judge this bad boy, so let’s hope you’ve got what it takes:

SquareSound - Nobuo Uematsu The prize packages for the winners of the Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu Arrangement Competition have now been completely finalized. The grand prize isn’t changing obviously, but we finalized some other details. Here’s the rundown:

The grand prize winner will get:

The first runner-up will receive:

The 3rd through 5th place finishers will receive:

In the event that the grand prize winner is unable to attend the concert, that person will receive a copy of the Distant Worlds CD hand-signed by Nobuo Uematsu. We will try to film the signing of this album for the winner, but we cannot guarantee this. In addition, this person will receive a $100 gift certificate from our store. The tickets will then be offered to runners-up in succession until we find a contestant that is able to attend the concert.

Once we determine who has won the tickets, we will arrange for them to be placed at the will-call window at the concert venue (the Rosemont Theater) for pickup prior to the show. Tickets may not be sold or transferred.

That about wraps things up! Today is the last day to submit arrangements for those who registered, and the winner should be announced within a week. Good luck everyone!

Dwelling of Duels: MAGFest 2008 Results (Free Month)

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

How forgetful I am sometimes. I talked about all the fun I had scoring the Dwelling of Duels competition on day 1 of MAGFest 6. I even talked about the craziness of Paragon’s traditional announcement of the placings at the top of day 4, right after the conclusion of the concerts. But I never posted the official results! I’m gonna quote myself from my MAGFest thoughts on the listening party before the results below. Be sure to be there at the top of next month to find our the results of the new competition theme, the Kirby series:

Dwelling of Duels capped off my night, as I hung around with the most die-hard of die-hards for the over 6-hour listening party voting on entries of this month DoD Free Month. The 11+ minute Secret of Mana arrangement “Let Me Tell You a Secret” had everyone laughing hard after a long night of listening. Hopefully my personal favorite, Splatterhouse “TERRORMASK”, has an impressive showing; I gave it all the support I could with my only 6 point vote of the night, the most points that can be given to any track as part of a voter’s 50 point spread.

Dwelling of Duels - Free Month

musicalman: Metal Gear - Snake’s Revenge
norg: Ducktales - Harden the Duck Up
Danimal Cannon and Chris Dlugosz: Contra 4 - “Let’s Attack Aggressively!”
Fourth Place: ansgaros: Final Fantasy 6 - Kefka Gets Decisive
Fifth Place (tie): Kidd Cabbage: Super Metroid - Fuzzy Green Feeling
Fifth Place (tie): virt: Splatterhouse - TERRORMASK
Seventh Place: Ryan8Bit: Wizards & Warriors, Gauntlet - Kuros Shot the Food
Eighth Place: Snappleman: SET PHASERS TO ^___^ (In Loving Memory of Chavez)
Ninth Place: xoc: Conker’s Bad Fur Day (N64) - Straight Windy
Tenth Place: dasaten: Secret of Mana - Let Me Tell You a Secret
Eleventh Place: MusicallyInspired: Duke Nukem series - Grabbag Mega-Mix
Twelfth Place (tie): CarboHydroM: PopN Twinbee - Ground Split
Twelfth Place (tie): Hope Fails: Salamander 2 - mmmbop
Fourteenth Place (tie): strefig: Bucky O’Hare - Bring Them to the Righteous
Fourteenth Place (tie): SuprMelO: Chrono Trigger - Sambacross Time
Sixteenth Place: JigginJonT: Final Fantasy 6 - A Day in the Life of a Gambler
Seventeenth Place: Millenial Fairs: Chrono Trigger - Robo’s Theme
Eighteenth Place: Scaredsim: Castlevania 3 - Ding dong, au quatrième top il sera 20 heures
Nineteenth Place (tie): Daniel Alm: Gremlins 2 - Gizmo Caca!
Nineteenth Place (tie): Dennis: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - Crunch Time
Nineteenth Place (tie): rauze: Mega Man 4 - Man & Machine
Twenty-second Place: Hale-Bopp: Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker - Two Tales
Twenty-third Place (tie): pingosimon: Final Fantasy 6 - Kids Run Through the City
Twenty-third Place (tie): XMark: Contra - Assault on Galuga (Contra: The Movie: The Soundtrack)
Twenty-fifth Place: chunkstyle: Monty on the Run (C64) - Avogadro’s Ostinato
Twenty-sixth Place (tie): thesamareaye: Final Fantasy 3 - Oceans Abound
Twenty-sixth Place (tie): Vegeroth: Breath of Fire - The Fire Came from Within
Twenty-eighth Place: Naz: Chrono Trigger - Dreams of a Black Wind
Twenty-ninth Place (tie): Corax and Zachariasmith: Jazz Jackrabbit - Templum Testudine
Twenty-ninth Place (tie): Hydrasphere: Tetris - Tetrismatik
Twenty-ninth Place (tie): Josiah Tobin: Uniracers - The Fastest Wheel in the Uni-Verse
Twenty-ninth Place (tie): Patrick_Like_Static: Ducktales - Bless Me Bagpipes: Green Cheese!
Thirty-third Place: Cetera: Nightmare on Elm Street - Elm Street
Thirty-fourth Place: zangderak: Street Fighter Alpha - Jaguar Tooth
Thirty-fifth Place (tie): DZX: Final Fantasy 7 - Reunion
Thirty-fifth Place (tie): Skulletmaster: Mega Man 7 - Blue Rock Bloodletting Tyme
Thirty-fifth Place (tie): tibone: Pyscho Pinball - I’ll Jackpot into your squirrel if that’s what it takes
Thirty-eighth Place (tie): Six-Stringed Flamberge: Everyday Shooter (PS3) - Surreal Heartbreak
Thirty-eighth Place (tie): Mr. N: The Sims - Cloud Construction
Thirty-eighth Place (tie): ShinerCCC: Final Fantasy Legend 1, 2, 3 - The Legend of the Glass Sword
Forty-first Place: Nario: Final Fantasy - Crystal Warriors
Forty-second Place (tie): Amaranthine Skies: Magician - Magical Funk
Forty-second Place (tie): bjkmenu: Popful Mail (Sega CD) - Muttonhead is a Nuts Cracker
Forty-fourth Place: Paragon: Dark Cloud 2, Suikoden 2 - Two Fountainheads
Forty-fifth Place: Bobby Winston?!, Baraka: Phenoix Wright: Ace Attorney - Wright #51
Forty-sixth Place: Pancho: Final Fantasy 9 - staggering saiyan. . .err. . .genome

MAGFest 6 from Alexandria, VA (1/5) Day 3 Report

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

After missing Day 2, I was definitely ready to get back on the horse for MAGFest. OC ReMix had its panel that day, so of course I represented my homebase. Along with djpretzel and myself, fellow judges zircon, pixietricks, Big Giant Circles and CHz were on board the panel presentation that day for an impressive show of staff power.

Rather than going through our traditional presentation for the uninitiated, we were in front of a crowd where the major majority of people were already familiar with OverClocked ReMix. This year, we highlighted all the important developments at OCR for 2007, including Voices of the Lifestream, attending Video Games Live, the debut of the Content Policy, revising the Submission Standards and Instructions and developing translations of our most important information for several languages. OCR’s latest album project, Radical Dreamers: Thieves of Fate, released during MAGFest itself, was given a preview to the audience by director Brad “the prophet of mephisto” Burr, to an excellent reception.

Highlighting upcoming developments for 2008, we’ve got some great stuff on the way. Our first live full orchestra arrangement from Wild ARMs is on the way, we’ve got our first mother-son ReMix collaboration as well from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. djp showed off his plans for swanky new composer pages that’ll show off a lot more information about the men and women who inspire the contributors to OCR, using Tim Follin to give the people a look at how composers are laid out with more information than ever; look for that to go live in the next few days. We also pimped some AMVs including clips of some of the Voices of the Lifestream AMV contest (soon to be judged so that we can get those swanky prizes out there) as well as the Spittin’ Narcissism fanvid by Psycosis91. Plenty of good stuff to promote, not even taking into account our bread and butter of posting creative, free ReMixes.

After a huge dinner with the OCR meetup group, it was time for the second and final night of concerts. Let’s go short and sweet: The moshing this year was definitely toned down a great deal compared to last year. Not that anyone was cracking down on it, there just wasn’t nearly as much this year as last. Let’s not also forget props to NO CARRIER and noteNdo for the NES-created visuals that adorned both nights of performances. You’ve got to see it to believe it, they were a nostalgic acid trip.

Powerglove was excellent. They always have an unbelievable amount of energy to their performances, including some badass costumes. I personally hate the Power Rangers theme, but when they played it for some brief non-VGM material, they definitely got the crowd going. I would have loved to have seen Chris Marchiel’s Guitar Hero synth in play, but was perfectly glad “settling” for some awesome material from Metal Kombat for the Mortal Man, including Sonic the Hedgehog 2’s “So Sexy Robotnik“!

I was legitimately worried that Select Start, in their first MAGFest performance, wouldn’t be as much of a draw with the crowd, who are used to rock and metal VG cover bands acts, but the masses turned out in a big way. We probably could have used some chairs during their set, since there was no reason to stand up for the whole thing. They put on a really classy performance. Frontman Austin Harley started off a little shaky with the opening solo on one track, but regrouped with a joke and was off to the races. The best part of the set had to be when the crowd exploded with whooping and applause to the end of the first track, which visibly took the entire sextet by surprise.

Elaine Li & Larry Oji @ MAGFest 6

When I talked to violinist Elaine Li after the set along with Big Giant Circles, she confirmed that the group had never received that kind of reaction ever before in their history of live performances, and that it was great to be in an atmosphere where everyone already knows and respects game music, making it so much easier to get immersed in the performance. Indeed, hearing Metroid “Kraid’s Hideout”, Chrono Trigger “Theme of Frog’s” and Final Fantasy III “Eternal Wind” live was a big highlight. Along with Mustin and ktriton joining in for one song, the crew did a great job with their first MAGFest appearance, so hopefully they walked away already thinking about how to return next year.

This Place is Haunted played their final show with guitarist Michael Motorcycle, who’s leaving the band to begin medical school. Who would have pegged him for it? (We at VGF wish him the best of luck, to be sure.) The band’s set was a lot more of a balance between VGM and other retro material (The theme to Sanford and Son??? Let’s throw it on there!); I’ll admit I’m partial to VGM and would have appreciated more…exclusivity on that level. I mentioned to Shael Riley, who’s a big fan of the band, that This Place just has some impeccable chops. Both Michael Motorcycle and Epileptic Peat were playing some really involved runs and solos with just pro precision; it was quite a sight to behold being so close to the stage. Here’s hoping these bros regroup somehow so that they can keep putting out quality material, especially because they spotlight tons of otherwise obscure VGM to arrange.

Last but not least, the final band of the night was The Smash Bros. Running strong from their performance at the 2007 Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival, MAGFest’s house band took on a new flavor with ktriton replacing Shawn Phase on drums and doing an amazing job; there was definitely a great amout of synergy between him and the rest of the band. Before the set started, we were all instructed to listen to the noise playing over the speakers. A few of us thought it was rain SFX until a wonderful smell wafted across the concert hall. In between tracks, Pappy and Joe Cam were cooking bacon outside the hotel and feeding it to the crowd! Enhancing the experience was a microphone brought over to the pig meat so that the entire crowd could hear it sizzling. I was able to snag a full-sized strip of bacon in the first wave of free pork before the bros had to start cutting it up to offer it to everyone. Definitely a hilarious bonus, the crowd chanted “Bacon! Bacon!” with ferocity with every break. The eclectic VGM set of the Bros. (Ailsean, ktriton, Midee, norg, Prozax, Roy McClanahan & virt) included U.N. Squadron, Phoenix Wright, EarthBound and Contra 4 in easily the most diverse set of the festival. They need to record their shows via the mixing boards at MAG and sell, sell, sell.

Anyone who doubts whether or not they should attend MAGFest would become a believer if only to experience the greatness of even one night of the concerts, and that’s only one night out of four days. I’ll be back tomorrow to wrap up the rundown of my time at MAG.

OverLooked ReMiX releases Spelunker arrangement album “SPLUNK!”

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

After calling it quits with OverLooked ReMiX in 2005 with his seemingly first AND last OLR album project (Final Fantasy Mystic Quest: Misstik Kwest), Joe “Joe Cam” Cammisa has returned to OLR with his second album project there, SPLUNK!

What could combine zyko, virt, Zeratul, ktriton, Mazedude, and more bringers of earhurt? Only a truly awful game could bring the Cam and his posse back. Spelunker for the NES was that game. Joe and his way with words whet your appetite for the album:


One of the shittiest games I can remember for the NES.

Seriously, you died if you fell like half the length of the size of your character’s sprite. It was pretty asstastic.

The music was pretty meh and repetitive as well, but the game has a name that is fun to say, so needless to say I felt it deserved to have an entire remix project devoted to it, but it’s not like it deserved a GOOD remix project, so OLR was the place to go.

Spelunker in-game

If you want to know more about the album, visit the SPLUNK! page and educate yourself. The highlight of the album has gotta be Mustin’s already-legendary “You Just Fucking Died”. Yes, it’s barely been out and it’s already achieved that status. Now you’ve got no reason to ignore this gold. Go get it!

Joshua Morse explores the many styles of OC ReMix with “OCR Tags”

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

OC ReMixer Joshua Morse is attempting to take OC ReMix someplace its never been before: genre classification. Initially dubbed OCR Genres, criticism by OCR regulars over strict genre classification of OC ReMixes led to Morse rechristening his initiative OCR Tags. The site aims to eventually sort through OverClocked ReMix’s vast library of music via user-submitted descriptors that can range from one to several tags. Morse laid out the plans for the site at the OC ReMix forums:

OCR Tags logo

Hey all,

Lately I’ve been immersing myself in a number of web development projects. One of said projects includes something called OCR Tags. In short, I plan for it to be a supplemental website to OCR, providing a new way of searching for mixes: via genre. I’ve seen some demand for people wanting remixes to be categorized by genre, so here’s your chance!

I need your help! To explain, OCR Tags allows for users to tag their favorite remixes via genre and elements. I still have a quite a bit to work on, but you can check out the site right here. Users can register and start tagging immediately.

I’d also like to welcome any questions / comments anyone has as I’m trying to build up an FAQ for the website. So let me have it! 

VGMix departs hompy, returns to music with VGMix X

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

On the heels of MAGFest 6 this new year, the much anticipated VGMix3 hyped from last year’s MAGFest was nowhere to be found. But Jake “virt” Kaufman and crew came up with a stopgap (its title lovingly inspired by the Metal Slug series) with VGMix X, unveiled earlier today.

VGMix X logo

Powered by the Jamroom software, the site is once again poised to house music while expanding its reach to include user blogs (among other currently unreleased features). virt mentioned that once VGMix3 is eventually finalized, the songs and reviews of VGMix2 & VGMix X will be integrated with the future incarnation of the site.

The server’s already been hammered throughout today by the activity, so you can tell the return of VGMix to hosting music has been big in the community already. With being said, don’t feel froggy about jumping back onboard VGMix!

MAGFest announces events, performances and special guests

Monday, December 17th, 2007

More than 1,000 videogamers and videogame music enthusiasts will converge at the Hilton Mark Center at 5000 Seminary Road in Alexandria, Va., on January 3-6, 2008 for the sixth annual Music and Gaming Festival, a nonstop weekend of tournaments, concerts and workshops.

Three large rooms packed with videogames will be available free for all registrants at the festival, also known as MAGFest. In addition, video game tribute bands will perform rock, electronic, power-metal, and orchestral versions of popular game themes on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Unlike larger, more commercialized conventions, MAGFest aims for a laid-back atmosphere of fun.

“Our goal is to fuel the community of gaming and connect people with each other, whether they are industry leaders or casual gamers,” said Brendan Becker, 28, who runs the festival.

For starters, MAGFest will offer 24-hour access to virtually every kind of gaming – console, arcade, PC/LAN, or handheld. From the ancient Atari 2600 and the original Nintendo Entertainment System to the latest Wii, Xbox and Playstation consoles, all video game platforms will be available. Competitive types will be able to participate in dozens of tournaments for games such as Gears of War, Halo, Rock Band, Smash Brothers, and Wii Sports. Even tabletop gamers will have their space.

On the music side, Friday and Saturday night concerts will feature at least eight bands — with names such as The Advantage, Armcannon, and Powerglove — that specialize in videogame cover songs.

“We’ve become a videogame music mecca, of sorts,” Becker said. “It’s nothing short of awesome to watch all of these guys play on stage at MAGFest and see hundreds of gamers chant, rock, headbang, or sing along.”

Visual effects at the concert will be provided by No Carrier and noteNdo, who use modified Nintendo game consoles along with custom software and a technique known as “circuit bending” to project mind-twisting images on the wall behind the performers.

Two of this year’s musical acts defy the electro-rock stereotype and present classical treatments of videogame tunes. Select Start, a six-piece chamber ensemble which has been featured on National Public Radio, draws from a repertoire of more than 50 videogame theme arrangements. Daniel Brown, a solo pianist, will perform his arrangements of the soundtrack to Battletoads while the game is played on a large screen.

In addition to games and music, MAGFest will offer workshops by videogame artists, musicians and programmers, discussions on videogame culture, trivia and costume contests, dealer tables, an auction of videogame equipment, and a 24-hour video room featuring videogame-related movies and cartoons.

Other special guests include:

* “Stuttering Craig” Skistimas and “Handsome Tom” Hanley of ScrewAttack, which provides videogame content for MTV’s website
* James Rolfe, also known as the Angry Video Game Nerd, another regular on
* Brian Colin, CEO of Game Refuge, which has developed several humorous titles for Bally/Midway, others, and themselves
* Videogame-themed webcomic artists Applegeeks and Paradox Lost
* Jake “Virt” Kaufman, videogame music composer
* OverClocked ReMix, a site dedicated to fan-made arrangements of game tunes
* X-Strike Studios and Dark Maze Studios, two film groups that produce full-length feature films based on videogames
* Fargate Productions and Main Moon Productions, two more film groups who produce videogame-inspired projects and shorts
* Flavor Grenade Studios, a videogame design outfit headed by DJ Potatoe
* Robert Aldrich, who writes anime- and videogame-inspired stories
* Virtual Fools, a cadre of self-designated “videogame scholars” who offer academic critiques of videogames and surrounding culture

Registration for MAGFest is $35 in advance, and $40 at the door. Visit for full registration information or for a complete, up-to-date list of guests.

Gamingforce kicks off Best Doujin Contest

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

After a lengthy nomination phase, the Gamingforce Forums kicked off its first ever “Best Doujin Contest” yesterday as 256 fan-made (a.k.a. “doujin,” a Japanese term) video game music arrangements are pitted against one another in community voting until only one track is left standing.

Gamingforce Forums logo

The contest is initially broken up into eight brackets, each bracket containing eight matchups with four arrangements in each matchup. To help weed out many of the outliers, the top two from each matchup will advance and the 128 remaining tracks will be randomly reseeded.

Doujin video game music from all over the world is represented in the contest with music from OverClocked ReMix, Remix.Kwed.Org, Dwelling of Duels, and dozens of other websites and album releases from North America, Europe and Japan. For a great chance at getting exposed to a ton of fan-made material you may not be familiar with, stopping by Gamingforce for this competition is an absolute must.

Dwelling of Duels: November 2007 Results (Enix Month)

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

The beginning of a new month means another shot of Dwelling of Duels results, this time focusing on Enix (the precursor of even bigger heavyweight Square Enix). With Dragon Warrior, Terranigma, Soul Blazer and more, the company was well represented with its crop of entries.

Dwelling of Duels - November 2007 (Enix Month)

Master Hatchet took home top honors in the live performance compo with “Union Alpha” an excellent arrangement from the all-too-rarely tackled Valkyrie Profile, while Scaredsim followed in second place with the Brain Lord/Illusion of Gaia combo mix “Will is the Lord,” featuring some good 8-bit style leads before segueing into more serene leads for the Gaia section. norg was, in my opinion, the story of the month with his 18+ minute evolving super-medley of Japanese-exclusive Famicom release Just Breed entitled “Abduction.” Ryan8bit and Hat helped round out the top finishers in a solid turnout.

Wanted to throw special props out to Hope Fails for the Terranigma arrangement “Afternoon Tea with SnappleMan’s Mom,” which finished tied for 8th place, not just for a funny title, but a great composition as well, which I didn’t feel got enough support. It could have sounded a bit more polished, but the execution was fairly strong and had some good orchestration ideas rarely heard in DoD.

You look like you could use a breakdown. Don’t forget to check out how DoD rings in 2008 when this month’s Free Month competition creation phase wraps up late on New Year’s Day:

M-H: Valkyrie Profile - Union Alpha
Scaredsim: Brainlord, Illusion of Gaia - Will is the Lord
norg: Just Breed (Famicom) - Abduction
Fourth Place: Ryan8bit: Dragon Warriors 2, 4 - Wayfaerer
Fifth Place (tie): Hat: Soul Blazer - Get to Town
Fifth Place (tie): Riders, Ranger-X, ShinerCCC: Brainlord - The Audio Dragon
Fifth Place (tie): thesamareaye, The S.P.O.B.: Star Ocean 3 - Red Leaves of Autumn
Eighth Place (tie): Hope Fails: Terranigma - Afternoon Tea with SnappleMan’s Mom
Eighth Place (tie): Hydrasphere: Terranigma - Just for a While
Eighth Place (tie): Josiah Tobin, XMark: Brainlord - Master Of The Platinum Site Of The Tower Of The Abell Civilization Ruins
Eleventh Place: Theo Confidor: Paladin’s Quest - Wielding a Holy Sword
Twelfth Place (tie): bjkmenu: Bust a Move - hiroshortykittyn
Twelfth Place (tie): Bucedric Nosnik Rionediamn: The 7Th Saga - The Runes Ruse

Merman reviews Press Play on Tape’s GameCity 2007 concert at Remix64

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Earlier this week, Andrew “Merman” Fischer posted a review at Remix64 on the October 27 performance of legendary Commodore scene band Press Play on Tape. PPOT’s concert was part of the GameCity 2007 video games festival and took place in Nottingham, England at the MUSE nightclub across from GameCity’s venue of the Broadway Cinema & Media Centre.

Be sure to check out Merman’s in-depth comments and observations on the show. To entice those on the fence, here’s a look at PPOT’s setlist, provided below this nice shot of the band at the concert sporting their 8-bit ties:

Press Play on Tape - GameCity 2007

  • Commando
  • Tiger Mission
  • Phantom of the Asteroid
  • Ghosts ‘N Goblins
  • Arkanoid
  • Comic Bakery
  • Sacred Armour of Antiriad
  • Pac-Man
  • Out Run
  • Hypaball/Mission AD
  • Rambo
  • “I’m a Pumpkin Man” (Cauldron II)
  • The Human Race
  • One Man and His Droid
  • Das Gamer (Kraftwerk)
  • Bubble Bobble
  • PaRappa The Rapper 2: “Beard Burger Song”
  • The Ultimate Showdown
  • Monkey Island


  • Monty on the Run

OC ReMix judge Larry “Liontamer” Oji interviewed on Nitro Game Injection

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

Nitro Game Injection logoOC ReMix judge and all-around swell coffee-and-cream stallion Larry “Liontamer” Oji (Editor’s note: When you write about yourself, you can make the description colorful too) interviewed on this past Sunday’s broadcast of Nitro Game Injection, episode #103, now available for download. Let’s drop the 3rd-person pretense so I can overview my appearance. Myself and the NGI duo, KyleJCrb & AkumuHau discussed:

*KyleJCrb: Did the vikings even know of Africa? I don’t think so. [laughs]
*Akumu’s English (!)
*My background in the community
*What I look for in a good VGM arrangement
*The stupidity of artists who react poorly to criticisms
*Criticisms of the VGMix review system
*How Akumu got involved in the VGM fan arrangement scene
*The burden of provide content to readers or listeners
*The origin of Akumu’s NSF Archive
*The Cheetahmen
*Criticisms of Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream
*Akumu hanging with Chris Hülsbeck and Arnie Roth at PLAY!
*The VG Frequency blog
*The worldwide depth of the VGM fan arrangement scene
*Criticisms of Dwelling of Duels
*Artists who refuse to arrange from game soundtrack they’re not nostalgic for
*Our own video game nostalgia; and
*What I want to see from the fan arrangement community in the future including pimpage for The OneUps, Minibosses and zircon

My appearance also features 4 tracks personally chosen for airplay by me, selections from ktriton & Christian Pacaud, Israfel, Tim Follin and S.S.H. Random: At the 136-minute mark, the word we were looking for was “refugee”. Also, you’re put on notice not to listen to the show at work. It’s not work-safe in the slightest. Tune into the recently resurrected show Sunday nights, 6PM EST.

Dwelling of Duels: October 2007 Results (Castlevania Month)

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

With Halloween now nothing but a memory, the top of month means Dwelling of Duels results. Of course October spookiness goes well with VGM, as OneUp Studios already showed a few days ago, so what better way for DoD to work throughout the month than with Castlevania Month?

Dwelling of Duels - Castlevania Month

SnappleMan got the duke with a quick effort from Akumajo Dracula, “Thrashard in the Cave”. But don’t take MY word for it. Results! And don’t forget November’s new compo as Enix Month is underway: (more…)

Cheetahmen II: “Worst NES Game Evar Has Awesomest Music”

Monday, October 29th, 2007

On the flip side of the coin from a good game with bad music comes…a bad game with good music. Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft shed light on the new hotness in the Japanese VGM remixing scene: the soundtrack to the 1992 unreleased NES game Cheetahmen II. Ashcraft sets the scene:

Back in the early 1990’s, now defunct developer Active Enterprises manufactured 1,500 copies of its never released NES game Cheetahmen II. The dev hoped the three Cheetahmen (Apollo, Aries and Hercules) would be the company’s answer to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They weren’t. The sequel is bug infested and almost unplayable, but thankfully, the unsold copies were found in a warehouse for us to laugh and point at. According to a GameSpot review, there are enemies that can neither be killer or avoided. However, the soundtrack is SO GREAT!! Big thing on the Japanese internet right now is remixing that musical awesomeness.

A commentor at Kotaku asked if the artists of OC ReMix knew about this yet, which I can definitely say “no” to. It’s safe to say that they will soon.

Watching the in-game footage, I definitely found myself initially asking what was so good about Cheetahmen II’s music. The game being so awful, the music doesn’t really…enhance the experience. But I was soon to be sold on it. Though all of them would get the Form Rejection Letter if I ever encountered them in the OCR submissions inbox, some of the remixes in the article’s YouTube video collection do show off the clear potential of the theme through some bootleg sound upgrade mixes. It’d be interesting to see what other capable artists in OCR and elsewhere could cook up with Cheetahmen, given some actual talent. The last video, featuring 16-bit brass samples, made me wanna see DZComposer do something way, way better.

Lemme throw you this beginnerish techno mix to illustrate the potential. On a side note, it’s funny to me that some people believe that this is all we encourage or accept at OC ReMix. All the more reason to enjoy it:

virt turns down Protricity’s offer to code VGMix3

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Ari “Protricity” Asulin extended an offer yesterday to VGMix to provide preexisting, near fully-functional code based off of his site SongPortal and get VGMix3 up and running within a month.

VGMix3 logos

Asulin recently reemerged in the VGM arrangement community, having submitted a Metal Slug 3 arrangement “Light ‘Em Up” to OC ReMix after a nearly three year absence, that departure having also been bitter and leading to Asulin seemingly making amends with VGMix. After reconciling with site founder Jake “virt” Kaufman in 2004 only to subsequently attack the site soon after and cause VGMix2’s closure, Protricity was amusingly dubbed by VGMix “He Who Shall Not Be Named”.

Protricity’s proposal having been made in response to a MetaFilter job posting from virt last month, Kaufman was polite in rejecting the offer, stating he likely wouldn’t hold a grudge forever while maintaining that Protricity was “someone who has been malicious in the past” and “not someone I can trust with something so important to me.”

Other coding offers have been turned down, including one from fellow community news hub ThaSauce. As of now, the VGMix 3.0 tentative ETA remains January 94, 2017.

OneUp Studios’ Bad Dudes release 2nd EP, “Zombies Rocked My Neighbors”

Friday, October 26th, 2007

Mustin has reassembled the Bad Dudes for OneUp Studios‘ new Halloween-themed EP, entitled Zombies Rocked My Neighbors. Let’s find out what’s up from the head Dude:

The Bad Dudes are back with another EP of some freaky business for you all. It’s Halloween and time to scare some kids. So we deliver unto you some scary tracks (and well, some not so scary tracks, but they rock anyway). Put them on your Haunted House playlists for the neighborhood kids or just freak out your friends by locking them in the closet for a few weeks, not feeding them, and making them listen to zyko. ouch. Enjoy this freaky business and we’ll deliver more sooner than later.


Bad Dudes - Zombies Rocked My Neighbors

Along with some scary uh…pumpkin-esque album art from Maximo Lorenzo, the tracklist from yesterday’s seven track release includes arrangements of several scary and otherwise trippy games that go bump in the night including Castlevania, Psychonauts & Silent Hill, as well as other soundtrack given the spooky treatment such as Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess courtesy of Diggi Dis, JigginJonT, Kaijin, ktriton, Mazedude, Mustin & zyko.

If your wallet is so inclined, the Dudes have a PayPal donate button on the album page you can hit in order to give them something they need a lot more than Halloween candy…or even worse, fruit. They don’t need no stinkin’ apples.