Shael Riley previews his newest project, The Grammar Club

Shael Riley’s got some old-school OC ReMix hotness in The Legend of Zelda “The Music of My Groin.” And relatively recently, he organized the kickass Super Street Fighter II Turbo album project Blood on the Asphalt. You can see Shael’s brainchild used to nice effect in this YouTube video integrating tracks off the album into SSF2T proper.

But above all else, Shael aims to make the peeps laugh. He’s been doing that in recent years by immersing himself in the nerdcore music scene, though I’d argue hes been making nerdcore music before it ever had a spiffy name like “nerdcore.”

The latest nerdcore project of Shael’s is The Grammar Club, whose newly released video “Bank Holiday” features a cameo appearance by the man who innovated the genre and coined the term “nerdcore,” MC Frontalot.

Some of the video’s production is on the ghettofabulous side, but there’s lot of weird concepts in here that’ll catch your attention. Don’t mind the 15 second wait for the video to kick in; that’s meant to whet the appetite.

Keep in mind with this video, I have NO IDEA what’s going on here. But I will. And eventually so will you when The Grammar Club’s site reveals more according to the cryptic “9/31/07″ that currently graces its page. Keep an eye out!

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