Cheetahmen II: “Worst NES Game Evar Has Awesomest Music”

On the flip side of the coin from a good game with bad music comes…a bad game with good music. Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft shed light on the new hotness in the Japanese VGM remixing scene: the soundtrack to the 1992 unreleased NES game Cheetahmen II. Ashcraft sets the scene:

Back in the early 1990’s, now defunct developer Active Enterprises manufactured 1,500 copies of its never released NES game Cheetahmen II. The dev hoped the three Cheetahmen (Apollo, Aries and Hercules) would be the company’s answer to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They weren’t. The sequel is bug infested and almost unplayable, but thankfully, the unsold copies were found in a warehouse for us to laugh and point at. According to a GameSpot review, there are enemies that can neither be killer or avoided. However, the soundtrack is SO GREAT!! Big thing on the Japanese internet right now is remixing that musical awesomeness.

A commentor at Kotaku asked if the artists of OC ReMix knew about this yet, which I can definitely say “no” to. It’s safe to say that they will soon.

Watching the in-game footage, I definitely found myself initially asking what was so good about Cheetahmen II’s music. The game being so awful, the music doesn’t really…enhance the experience. But I was soon to be sold on it. Though all of them would get the Form Rejection Letter if I ever encountered them in the OCR submissions inbox, some of the remixes in the article’s YouTube video collection do show off the clear potential of the theme through some bootleg sound upgrade mixes. It’d be interesting to see what other capable artists in OCR and elsewhere could cook up with Cheetahmen, given some actual talent. The last video, featuring 16-bit brass samples, made me wanna see DZComposer do something way, way better.

Lemme throw you this beginnerish techno mix to illustrate the potential. On a side note, it’s funny to me that some people believe that this is all we encourage or accept at OC ReMix. All the more reason to enjoy it:

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  1. Andrew Says:

    I gotta say the featured track is pretty awesome, though the other 2 on the soundtrack are not doing it for me. Track 1 is decent, Track 2 is our winner, and track 3 is just plain lame. 4 and 5 don’t count, as they are sound effects.

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