Gamingforce kicks off Best Doujin Contest

After a lengthy nomination phase, the Gamingforce Forums kicked off its first ever “Best Doujin Contest” yesterday as 256 fan-made (a.k.a. “doujin,” a Japanese term) video game music arrangements are pitted against one another in community voting until only one track is left standing.

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The contest is initially broken up into eight brackets, each bracket containing eight matchups with four arrangements in each matchup. To help weed out many of the outliers, the top two from each matchup will advance and the 128 remaining tracks will be randomly reseeded.

Doujin video game music from all over the world is represented in the contest with music from OverClocked ReMix, Remix.Kwed.Org, Dwelling of Duels, and dozens of other websites and album releases from North America, Europe and Japan. For a great chance at getting exposed to a ton of fan-made material you may not be familiar with, stopping by Gamingforce for this competition is an absolute must.

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