TooManyGames from Reading, PA (8/26) Report

Twas a good day in Reading this past Saturday spreading the OCR gospel at TooManyGames. Along with helping Carlson Stevens of Mad-Gear with his merchandise, djpretzel and I spent the day introducing many people to the concept of OverClocked ReMix as well as selling our own t-shirts and hoodies and catching up on our game nostalgia.

Founded and orgazined by Chuck Whitby (pictured at left), TooManyGames is retrogamer heaven. Sure, there were current games there as well, with Chuck himself rocking the hell out of Guitar Hero II with five buttons, along with tournaments for the hard-hitting Super Smash Bros. Melee and the not-as-hard-hitting but always fun Wii Sports: Bowling. But the soup of the day was old-school, with tons of classic gaming systems, games and peripherals.

Until TooManyGames, I had no conception of a Dreamcast fishing pole peripheral. But indeed, there it was. Neo-Geo MVS arcade game catridges bigger than VCR cassettes? You got it! Super Famicom and Mega-CD games? The imports flow like wine! Ataris, Commodore 64s, Intellivisions? You already know the answer! With no exaggeration, TooManyGames truly lives up to its name.

On the work side as it were, Carlson brought along a PA system that we were able to use to play OC ReMixes throughout the entire day, providing a great ambiance for the event. And with 93 hours of music to choose from, we had fun picking tracks to keep things moving as well as fielding a lot of game requests for attendees! Part of the fun was djpretzel hearing some of the older mixes and commenting on how kickass they were. With so many OC ReMixes out there today, sometimes we all need the reminder. Of note, po! & Joshua Morse’s Breath of Fire III collab “Watermelon Flava” and DHS’s Human Race mix “Bando alle Seghe.”

One great thing about selling merchandise for OCR is knowing that the goods aren’t poorly-made junk. One lucky new owner of a large hoodie was impressed by how soft the material was and how durable and comfortable the hoodie felt while wearing it. I’ve actually yet to snag mine, but I’ve already PayPal’ed the OCR account with my purchase, so I’m all set for next winter.

We definitely enjoyed the event and, besides being vendors, all three of us with Mad-Gear & OCR walked away from TooManyGames with some spirit-lifting swag for ourselves. Carlson scored a very rare NEC PC-FX for $100, while djpretzel saw a Sega Master System in good condition (with the original box, no less) and plunked down $45. Carlson hooked him up with a copy of Double Dragon for the Master System on the house, while djp also scored several additional titles including Hang-On/Safari Hunt, Great Basketball, Great Golf and Pro Wrestling.

Myself, I always regretted not buying a Sega Dreamcast back when the system was discontinued and they were priced at $50. So when I saw one on sale for $25, with two controllers even, my money was as good as gone. I can now get back to playing Capcom vs. SNK 2, Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike! If you’re looking for a fight in DC…

I definitely hope we at OCR can trek back up for next year. If you’re in the hunt for a good retrogaming experience, TooManyGames is a great spot for y’all in the Northeast US. Check them out, along with their list of vendors (especially Mad-Gear, the ONLY vendor inspired by Final Fight), and give them your support.

2 Responses to “TooManyGames from Reading, PA (8/26) Report”

  1. CHz Says:

    Oh fucking hell. I’d never heard of this thing before, but now I’m extremely jealous.

  2. jmr Says:

    CHz: Me too. There are never any events like this in my area.

    Dreamcasts are awesome. There are plenty of great games available for it, and there are a few independent developers still releasing new homebrew DC games.
    It can also run a few emulators pretty well, such as NesterDC, GenesisPlusDC, and the pirated bleemcast demos); all without any form of modding.

    Oh, almost forgot. Now that you have a dreamcast, you MUST check out the Street Fighter 2 X ‘remix’ hack, which replaces the in-game soundtrack with the Blood on the Asphalt project. Google “SSF2T_REMIX.torrent” for the burnable CD image.

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