CHz (Editor) -

‘Ili “CHz” Butterfield enjoys video game music perhaps a little too much. In addition to contributing pieces to VG Frequency, generally regarding the modern state of VGM, he also participates in various other VGM-related activities across the internets:

  • He is a coordinator for Song of the Week, a weekly contest where eight obscure VGM tracks are pit against one another to find the best overlooked gold.
  • He is an album monkey a staff member at VGMdb, a database cataloging game soundtracks, arrangement albums (both official and fan-created), original albums by game composers, and other game-related albums.
  • Since November 2007, he has been a judge at OverClocked ReMix.

In his spare time, CHz enjoys typical INTP activities, such as reading, playing video games (never enough, never ever enough), and pursuing a Computer Science degree at the University of Evansville. He has thus far killed three men in the defense of Jun Ishikawa as the greatest VGM composer of all time.