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Paste Magazine spotlights Greg Laswell live performance (featuring JigginJonT)

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Jon Titterington (known as JigginJonT on OC ReMix) toured around with Greg Laswell the past couple of months for Greg’s US tour, promoting his new album Three Flights from Alto Nido, out on Vanguard Records.

While in Atlanta for their performance at Variety Playhouse (a dual show with Ingrid Michaelson, which Jimmy “Big Giant Circles” Hinson and myself attended), Greg and bandmates Brandon Walters & Jon stopped by Decatur’s Paste Magazine to film a Live at Paste performance of “What a Day.” Jon’s featured on trumpet, so be sure to check it out!

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Digg it! - Fans go pro: How OC ReMix put its stamp on Street Fighter II

Friday, July 18th, 2008
Digg it! - Fans go pro: How OC ReMix put its stamp on Street Fighter II

*** We need your help spreading the word by digging the above article/interview!! ***

For those of you who haven’t heard, OC ReMix is providing the remixed soundtrack to Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, a high definition remake of the classic fighter! The Digg above links to an article/interview over at Ars Technica - we need your help in getting the word out about this game and our involvement in it, since the game (currently in beta) is about to release in a few months on Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) and and PlayStation Network (PSN).

We’ve actually done three interviews:

We’ve got more interviews coming up, but we need your help! Digg them, Slashdot them, blog them, LiveJournal them, Facebook them, MySpace them! Whatever you can do to spread the word on OC ReMix doing the Street Fighter HD Remix soundtrack, we’d be grateful for!

You can also stop by Capcom’s official forums and let them know YOU LOVE OC REMIX doing this soundtrack:

And if you know of any web, print, television or radio media that would be willing to talk with OC ReMix about Street Fighter HD Remix or our free video game music ReMixes, please let us know with an email. We’ll send you free OCR bumper stickers! We believe this soundtrack is going to open the OC ReMix community’s music up to a much broader audience, in a good way, and we’re looking forward to sharing it with everyone when the game is released!


David Lloyd (djpretzel) & Larry Oji (Liontamer)