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Several video game musicians spotlighted in Wired GeekDad’s “100 Geeks You Should Be Following on Twitter”

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Thanks go out to GeekDad (@WiredGeekDad) editor-in-chief Ken Dedmead (@fitzwillie) and our other brother at, Z. (@hipsterplease) for some excellent pimpage of OC ReMix recently. Make sure to follow all of those guys on Twitter to stay on top of geek culture.

Yesterday, Ken assembled a pretty comprehensive list of 100 geeky groups and people to follow on Twitter, and OC ReMix is listed second between Wil Wheaton and Weird Al Yankovic. Other important VGM groups and musicians on the list included Jonathan Coulton of Portal “Still Alive” fame (and much more), Nerdapalooza where John “hex” Carter covers VGM and nerdcore music as well as the regular music nerdcore music festival, genoboost of VGM and VGIM newsblog & netlabel Game Music 4 All, and British chiptunist Pixelh8.

Beyond that, the list is very thorough, and, since it’s not a top 100 list, many Wired/GeekDad readers have supplemented the list with great additional follow suggestions.

For those of you strictly interested in video game musicians, we continue to maintain our VG musicians Twitter list here on VG Frequency for everyone to crib from, as there are so many awesome composers & arrangers in the community that any VGM fan should follow. Thanks again to Ken for a truly awesome honor having many of us from the VGM community included in such an important list!